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Sleeping pills

Sleeping pills can not provide quality restorative sleep, which many people were wrong to believe. Taking sleeping pills is not a long term solution for insomnia, but with an appearance of lack of alternatives, it may be easy to fall into the trap All the progress made by mankind in terms of technology and development is welcomed as a step to make life comfortable in the land. However, the

Measuring Your Body Composition

Whether you’re building or cutting, you should have a reliable method for estimating your body fat percentage. As you gain - or lose - weight your body fat percentage will tell you what the change means. There are a variety of techniques that can be used that vary in time, ex- pense, and accuracy/precision. The pros and cons of each are outlined be- low. DEXA: “DEXA” stands for Dual

Food Preparation Tips

Preparing 5 - 7 balanced meals a day, seven days a week, sounds like a full time job. And if you had to make only one meal at a time, it would be. Fortunately, a little advance planning will save you both time and energy when it comes to making meals. The meals you eat on the BBR program can be quickly and easily assembled simply by following a few basic guidelines. Cook in bulk: Cooking foods

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Become Healthy

If you want to become healthy, you must first tell you that you want to be healthy. This article is about weight loss and how to live a healthier life, I hope it will be interesting and beneficial to read. I have had many problems with my weight over the years and by the age of twenty-two had had enough of being obese. In the article I write about how I lost my excess pounds. I have always

Easy Fat Burning

If you’re a bodybuilder - or want to look like one - it’s safe to say that you want to be as lean as possible. And no matter how clean your diet is, body fat is always going to be an issue. If you’re gaining, you want to minimize fat gains, and if you’re cutting, you want to accelerate fat loss. While doing cardio for cardiovascular tness is important, the main reason most body- builders

Nighttime Nutrition and Diet

Eating every 3 hours or so has the effect of providing your body with a steady stream of nutrients throughout the day. Small, frequent feedings of high-quality protein maintain the amino acid levels needed to repair and build new muscle. Needless to state, this process is interrupted at night, by sleep. Once thenal meal has been digested and absorbed, no more food is eaten untilthe next

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Best Diet for fat loss

Losing weight is one of the most difficult challenges a person can overcome, but it is a challenge that can be achieved. Losing weight is becoming a common goal with many people. And this is becoming difficult and complex task, with all the conflicting information out there. Thus, this article is logically sound and effective tips that you can take to find a diet that will give maximum benefit

Amino Acids

Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. Our bodies break down the proteins we eat into amino acids, which in turn is used to create ate proteins that need to operate. Proteins serve many di erent functions: Structural, transport, catalysis, contraction, and protection against disease. Amino acids are also involved in many non-protein reactions. Aminoacidsare used to produce

Workout & Nighttime Nutrition

The recommendations made in previous sections of body with the nutrients and energy they need to grow. For many people, simply cleaning up your diet and eating quality is sufficient. There is a growing body of research, however, which has contributed to our understanding permanent muscle growth, and highlighted other ways we can manipulate nutrition to improve the anabolic response to exercise.

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Dividing Calories Into Correct Meals

Finally, we come to put all our hard work with a diet nal structure. The best way to maintain constant blood sugar and a constant availability of nutrients to the body is to divide the calories in 5-7 meals per day. Example:In the previous sections, it was determined that a 200 lb personneed to eat 200 g protein, 437 g carbohydrate, and 121 g of fat per day. Tohow much to eat at each meal, you

Fat Requirements

Fat. The very word sends a shiver up the spine of the leanest athlete. With- out a doubt, fat is the most misunderstood and maligned of nutrients. Most people - including people who should know better-educated - take a "fat is fat and should be avoided" to eat. Nothing could be further from the truth, especially when it comes to putting on quality mass. All fats are created equal and we should

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Get Skinny Quick-Men, Women, and Getting Skinny Quick

I read this article and immediately thought, this is not fair! But alas, there is nothing we ladies can do about! You see, men do get skinny quick more quickly than women. Here is why!

Do men lose weight faster than women?

By Paige Waehner, http://www.about.com

Question: Do men lose weight faster than women?
Answer: Yes, as unfair as it may seem, men do tend to lose weight faster than women. This can be upsetting, particularly when a man runs around the block a few times and seems to instantly lose 10 pounds while a woman's weight loss moves about as fast as a snail.

But, there are physiological reasons for that difference:

  1. Men have more muscle. This allows them to burn more calories, even when at rest.
  2. Women are predisposed to store and retain fat. Women have higher levels of estrogen, a hormone that works works to keep the fat on a woman's body so it's easier for her to get pregnant. That means women have to work harder to lose weight at the same rate as men.
  3. Men's bodies respond more quickly to exercise. Women's bodies, meanwhile, actually go into a sort of starvation mode, slowing the metabolism to hang onto more fat.
  4. Women may have a lower tolerance for exercise. Women have smaller lung capacity than men, which can make women feel as though they are working harder than men even if the women are working at the same level. This can also make exercise feel harder in the heat or high humidity.

This doesn't mean it's impossible for women to lose weight and, when you think about, excellent reasons are behind a woman's tendency to store fat. After all, creating and nurturing a new life is nothing to sneeze at.

It's always best to avoid comparing yourself to others, whether male or female, when it comes to weight loss. Everyone loses weight differently, and genes, along with hormones, play a large role in how quickly some people lose weight.


Harms, Craig; Rosenkranz, Sara. Sex Differences in Pulmonary Function during Exercise. Med Sci Sports & Exerc. 40(4):664-668, April 2008.

Tarnopolsky, Mark A. Sex Differences in Exercise Metabolism and the Role of 17-Beta Estradiol. Med Sci Sports & Exerc. 40(4):648-654, April 2008.

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exercise program

if you're trying to improve stamina and your circulatory system, aerobic exercise would benefit you. Whatever you goals are, you'll be able to find the type of exercise appropriate for you, and an exercise regimen that will of the proper intensity and gradient so that you can win with an exercise program. I often from customers who have been exercising with the machine and circuit training

The GI and Health

As expected, the GI has also been found to be directly involved with the risk of heart disease and other diseases, such as type 2 diabetes. Eating high glycemic foods can increase your risk of coronary heart disease. In fact, carbohydrates classi ed by their glycemic index, rather than as either simple or complex, were a better predictor of coronary heart disease in one study. In

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The BAsics Behind Weight Loss

A lot of people looking for weight loss hear the words 'eat less and exercise more', but what do they mean. weight loss is not that hard, and you DO have the will power and self control Want to lose weight? Well you're not alone. Are you aware that the latest statistics show that more than half the population of the United States are overweight and nearly eighty percent of these people are on

Protein Requirements

As most people who lift weights are well aware, the “one gram of protein per pound of body weight” rule has been the mainstay advice for protein intakes for decades. But is it correct? In the past, mainstream nutritionists and medical doctors have warned of dire consequences from such intakes of protein, which we now know is total bunk. They also maintained for decades that athletes didn’t

Top 10 Bodybuilding Foods

people want to know what "Top Ten" foods are - and why I think they're important. It's a tough question, as there's a vast array of foods to choose from, and variety is important for a healthy diet too! Just because some foods are "better" than others in certain ways, doesn't mean that you should restrict your diet to those foods alone, in the mistaken belief that you've got all the bases

Get Skinny Quick-There Is No "Instant" Weight Loss Tips

Many of us who desire to get skinny quick want it to happen overnight; alas get skinny quick!

However, I think that each of us knows that work will be involved and it won't happen overnight. But, there are things that we can do to to achieve steady weight loss.

I know you will enjoy these weight loss survival tips!

Weight Loss Survival Skills

By Paige Waehner, About.com

Most people know (at least intellectually) that weight loss is a slow process. Due to all of the infomercials and questionable information out there, though, many of us have a secret belief that if we could just find that one diet/exercise/pill, it really would be quick and easy. The truth is you have to exercise and eat well most days of the week to really get where you want to go.

Successful weight losers know this and act accordingly, committing themselves each day to exercise and healthful eating. There is no point at which they can stop making these healthy choices and go back to eating junk food and sitting around the house. If they do, they'll go right back to where they were before they lost the weight. To understand this for yourself, think about how you approach weight loss. Do you try diet after diet only to quit after a few weeks? If so, maybe you need to quit dieting and focus on the lasting changes you can make. Do you start exercising only to quit if you don't see results? Maybe setting more realistic goals would motivate you to stick with it. You may even need some mental tweaking to open your mind and find a new perspective about weight loss. These resources can help:

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The Simple Method For Calculating Calories

Ok, the reader is now thinking, “It can’t be that complicated to gure out how many calories I need to gain quality weight!” The reader would be correct. I just wanted to show some of the methods commonly used to get exact gures for calories. A much simpler, albeit potentially less ne-tuned method for calculating calorie needs, goes like so: Return to T.O.C.GoalWeight LossWeight

How To Calculate Calories

There are several methods for calculating calories specie to the needs anddesires of the individual - in this case, men and women who want to packon quality weight (i.e. muscle) as a result of their hard work in the gym. Some formulas are a tad on the complicated side while others are quitesimple. Although the following section will be overly complicated forsome, don’t despair. A far easier

Where Does The Food Go?

Before we set calories and gure out correct amounts for proteins, fats and carbs, it’s important to understand where the calories go when we eat. Understanding what happens to the calories in metabolism helps us make smart decisions about what we should be eating for a particular goal, such as losing or gaining weight. There is a strong synergism between the foods we eat and our

The Story with Fats

What is fat? Fat is a product that when you eat foods you eat. While there is no one food group that comes, there are many things you must realize that contain higher amounts of fat. From fat is all that of animals. This type of fat that is called Saturated fat is the worst of both types. This would include: Meat of all kinds, including lean meats will have some fat levels them. Eggs are high

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Get Skinny Quick-Discover the 6 Common Diet Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Most of us who are trying to get skinny quick and on some sort of diet. Since this is usually the case, if we are going to diet, we may as well do it right! That way, we can reach our get skinny quick goals much faster.

In today's post, learn what the six dieting mistakes are and how to avoid them!

How to Avoid Six Dieting Mistakes

By Jennifer R. Scott, About.com, http://weightloss.about.com/od/getstarted/a/bldietmistakes.htm

Diet mistakes can keep you from getting to your goal weight. But you're not alone; many of us are guilty of one -- if not several -- of these dieting faux pas. Here is some simple advice on how to avoid six common diet mistakes.

  1. Mistake: Gulping Down Extra Calories

    Do you start each morning with a couple glasses of orange juice? How about a frothy coffee drink on the way to work? Was that you hitting the vending machine for a sports drink at the gym?

    If this sounds familiar, take note: What you drink can be as important to weight loss as what you eat.

    Some beverages provide as many -- if not more -- calories than a full plate of food. Liquid calories don't satisfy you like food does, and many beverages bring no nutrition benefit. Even if you were to drink 1,500 calories of beverages a day, you would still feel hungry and then overeat.

    Solution: Cut Liquid Calories

    Just say no to the followng: sugar-sweetened sodas and other sweetened canned and bottled drinks; flavored and sweetened coffee beverages, such as frappes, lattes and frozen coffee; sweetened tea (hot or iced); and smoothies.

    While juice is healthier than all these choices, whole fruit is preferable to a glass of juice; it has fewer calories and more fiber and is more filling. Water and herbal tea (without adding sugar) are ideal replacements for high-calorie beverages.

  2. Mistake: Depriving Yourself

    So you've sworn to lose weight this time around. You rid your pantry of your favorite fattening foods. You sweep the fridge and all bad foods make their way to the trash can. You do okay for a few days. Then, one night, you lose it and eat everything left in the house that isn't a fruit or vegetable.

    No matter how resolved we are to lose weight, we crave treats (especially sweet ones) we are accustomed to. You will eventually get the urge to indulge no matter how well those first few days go.

    Solution: Giving in ... a Little

    Swearing off foods you enjoy is a surefire way to set yourself up for failure. It's like a form of torture: Everyone else can eat the things you love while you can't even taste them. How's that going to help you stick to your diet? It won't. Allow yourself a special treat every now and then. Keep your portion sizes in check and you can still have your favorite foods in moderation.
  3. Mistake: Believing Your Genes are to Blame

    You take a look in the mirror and you see your mom. It's not her hair or even her eyes. It's your body. And there's nothing you can do about it. After all, it's hereditary.

    The Solution: Get Real!

    Genes do play a role in some cases of obesity. Often you will see family members who share the same body type. But for many of us, the most important factor in weight loss is calories in vs. calories out ... how many calories we eat and how much exercise we get. Even if family members are heavy, there are steps you can take so that you do not share their fate. Working out and strength-training will build muscle and give your metabolism a boost, both of which will help you head off the propensity for weight gain your genes might bring.

  4. Mistake: Meal Skipping

    It only stands to reason: If the key to losing weight is cutting calories then why not cut a bunch at once by skipping a meal? If you skip meals when you're trying to lose weight, you're doing yourself more harm than good. Meal-skipping can cause your metabolism to nosedive. That will set you up for sluggish calorie-burning all day long and ravenous hunger and overeating at night.

    Solution: Don't Be a Skipper

    Most meal-skippers forgo breakfast. It seems to be the easiest meal to do without. But in reality, breakfast may influence weight loss more than any other meal! If you aren't hungry first thing in the morning, have something small. Do you actually forget to eat in the a.m. hustle and bustle? Set an alarm to go off some time after you normally rise to remind you to stop, take a breath ... and eat.

  5. Mistake: Giving in to a Food-Pusher

    You've met her. She pushes doughnuts on unsuspecting office mates. She brings cupcakes for the bookgroup while only tasting the icing herself. She hands you the takeout menu when you've already told her you brought a brown bag. Who is she? She's a pusher! A food pusher, that is.

    Solution: Put Yourself First

    Whether office baked goods temptress or the well-meaning Mom who suggests seconds of her best dishes, some people just refuse to take "no" as an answer. They probably don't even realize they are making your weight loss efforts that much harder. Learn how to say no in a way that works. You may have to distance yourself from the "pusher" for the time being. Sometimes it's better for all parties concerned.

  6. Mistake: Giving Up On Losing Weight Your Way

    Sometimes, telling your friends and family you are on a diet can actually backfire. If they don't understand your diet or think they know a better way to lose weight, it can lead to unwelcome input or even arguments. You get to the point that you want to throw in the towel.

    Solution: Keep it Under Wraps

    Only you know what works for you. So keep doing what works for you. There's no rule that says you have to tell friends or family that you're trying to lose weight. Weight is a personal issue. It's your prerogative to keep it that way.

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what about vitamins ?

Approximately 20% of adults experience excessive fatigue that impairs their ability to function well at work and at home. Some are able to recover after taking a brief respite from work or taking certain medications. But there are a significant number of people whose experiences during more stressful than usual. Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) affects at least 800,000 people in the United

You ARE What You Eat

let me ask you, have you ever really taken a moment to think about it and what it actually means? Allow me to assist you. Every time you plow your way through a double cheese dog with extra fries, it is not just about gaining a few ounces. It is, however, very definitely about accumulating all sorts of noxious substances and harmful chemicals in your body, stuff that can bring your life to an end

easy way to lose weight

There are many reasons why you may lose body fat. Among those who simply look better and improve your overall health. Losing weight should always be considered as a long-term proposal. Plans for rapid weight loss can help you lose weight but will not give you long-term results than long and deserve. I want "instant" and not "quick"!The fat is lost in any diet where the calorific intake is less

Best Diet for Weight Loss?

Losing weight is not an end in itself Must you lose weight in order to like yourself or must you like yourself in order to lose weight. Losing weight is never easy and can require a complete overhaul of your lifestyle. Losing weight is becoming a common goal with many people. And this is becoming difficult and complex task, with all the conflicting information out there. Thus, this article is

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The best way to lose weight

The effective way to burn fat and lose weight is exercise. It is a vital part of any weight loss program. Several people try to reduce their weight by increasing their level of activity. You can combine a reduced calorie diet with increased physical activity. If you have enough time, is the good way to go to gym. Then, try to eat vegetables. To lose weight, you have to eat foods low in calories.

How to Identify Social Anxiety in Teens

Often regarded as the most recognized mental disorder in adolescents, social anxiety disorder can take many forms and occur for different person. Most parents and adults is limited to dismiss the symptoms as shyness or teen angst of their children beyond the time. However, social phobia, as the disorder is sometimes called, can grow if not treated and weaken over time. Recognizing the social

Diets and Restaurants

When on a diet, it is advisable to go out to restaurants less often because they do not always know the number of calories in everything that is served on all the secret sauce. But whom do you usually meet in restaurants? Your friends, the answer is most likely. So if you cut the restaurants, you might end up with a lot of free space on your social calendar. I find it unacceptable. I always have

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Get Skinny Quick-How to Cut 100 Calories or More Painlessly!

We all know to reach our get skinny goals we have to cut calories some way, somehow!

The good news is, this doesn't have to be painful. Follow these tips and you won't even notice that 100 plus calorie deficit!

Cut 100 or More Calories
Oh, how we can cut calories... let's count the ways!

Jennifer Scott

Here's the bottom line: one pound is equivalent to 3,500 calories. Whether by making slight changes to your diet like the ones listed below or exercising, a deficit of 500 calories a day will lead to the loss of a pound a week! Remember, it's the small changes we make every single day that make a big difference in the long run!

  1. Switch to water first thing in the morning instead of fruit juice. Fruit juice is high in sugar. Since most of us are dehydrated in the morning, water's the best thing to do the trick anyway.
  2. Switch to sugar-free yogurt instead of eating regular yogurt.
  3. Switch to a low-fat store-bought bagel instead of a bakery bagel.
  4. Save even more -- use all-fruit instead of flavored cream cheese on that low-fat bagel.
  5. Replace bacon at breakfast with reduced-fat turkey bacon or Canadian bacon.
  6. Steam veggies instead of sautéing them in butter or oil.
  7. If you drink a lot of soda, switching to diet soda will probably save you hundreds of calories a day.
  8. Switch to boiled shrimp instead of steak on shish kebabs.
  9. Replace 1 tablespoon of regular mayo on your turkey sandwich with 1 ½ tablespoons of reduced fat mayo.
  10. Indulge in Sunday-morning French toast... modified. Use non-fat milk and egg whites instead of whole milk and eggs.

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Protein: Myths And Realities

One of the more pervasive ideas about bodybuilding diets is the notion that high protein intakes are a health risk. Dire warnings about higher than recommended protein intakes causing increased rates of bone loss and “stress” to the kidneys, have been shown to be false by extensive and ac- curate studies. Nonetheless, this misunderstanding persists. In fact, recent research has shown

Weight Loss Is Just Simple Math

Think of your body as a gigantic scale. This scale is a perfect analogy for winning and losing weight.If you're slowly gaining weight over time, it is likely that your caloric intake is greater than the number of calories you burn through your daily activities.Consider putting "calories you burn" on one side and "the calories you eat" on the other side. To maintain your current weight, the scale

Weight Loss and Phentermine

Weight loss does not have to involve drastic measures and endless hours at the gym Eating a healthy diet is of key importance to your weight-loss success How close are researchers in their discovery of a magic pill for weight loss? Phentermine when first introduced, people thought that they had finally found a drug that is always looking for. In fact, there is always the euphoria whenever a new

Dental Insurance

Today we speaking about dental insurance Some people use insurance to help for all diseases Not just tooth . Dental Insurance Plan Types Similar to medical insurance plans, dental insurance plans are often categorized as either Indemnity or managed-care plans When most people think about the term work benefits, they are most always talking about health insurance followed closely by dental

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Get Skinny Quick- Tips to Overcome Weight Loss Plateaus

In the previous get skinny quick post, we covered some of the reasons why weight loss plateaus occur and the solutions for it.

Today's post is a continuation. Follow the tips and you will be able to get back on track for your get skinny quick weight loss goals in no time!

Understanding Weight Loss Plateaus - More Obstacles to Weight Loss

More Obstacles to Weight Loss

By Paige Waehner, About.com, http://exercise.about.com/cs/weightloss/a/weightplateaus_2.htm

Problem 3. Weight loss
What? But you thought that's what you wanted! However, what you may have forgotten is that when you weigh less, it takes less calories to move your body. A loss of any amount of weight will lead to a reduced energy requirement.

Make sure you start (or continue) a weight training program to help increase lean body mass, which can help compensate for the loss of calories.

Problem 4. The 'Adaptation' Phase Ends
When you start a new exercise program, your body responds because it is required to make numerous changes to adjust to different workloads. So, your muscles are rebuilding themselves and this consumes all kinds of calories. But, at some point your body will stop adapting to the new workload and, as a result, you burn less calories for the same activities.

Don't let your body get used to the exercise. Maintain your body's adaptation period by changing the intensity, duration, frequency and/or the mode of exercise and include interval training if necessary.

Problem 5: Exercise Efficiency
The more you do something, the better you get at it. As your body becomes better at performing your exercises, it can actually use fewer calories during the exercise. Think of it this way: trained athletes often use fewer calories than untrained athletes with similar body types and workouts. So, if this describes where you are, consider yourself a trained athlete and read on!

The solution to this is the same as for Problem 4; don't get used to the exercise. Concentrate on more dramatic changes such as trying brand new activities. For example, if you use the treadmill for two weeks, switch to something different like the rowing machine or the bike. Don't forget to make changes in your weight training routine as well!

Problem 6: Over-training
Just like not eating enough can lower the amount calories you burn, so can over-training. When you exercise too much, there is a point of diminishing returns when an increase in exercise energy expenditure is negated by an equal decrease in non-exercise energy expenditure. In other words, when you increase your exercise intensity, your body responds by decreasing the amount of calories you burn during the rest of your day.

Take time to recover. If you reach exercise burnout, this is a great time to take a break for a few days, or try something gentle like yoga or a stretching routine. After you've rested, get back to exercise but lighten up your original routine and increase your intensity only as necessary.

7. Enhanced Physical Condition
As you get into better shape, your body is more efficient and it costs fewer calories to operate. Improved health means a lower resting metabolic rate and fewer calories are burned during normal daily activities. Part of this is because your cardio-pulmonary system is more efficient now and you have a lower resting heart rate.

Congratulations! You're officially in shape and healthy. Focus on that and feel good about yourself. Concentrate on changing your routine as described in Solution 5.

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Health Advice

We have already established that fitness is a vital part of becoming and staying healthy, but that health and fitness are not necessarily synonymous. Fitness and exercise, in fact represent just one of what I call the ‘Four Pillars Of Health’, all of which have to be considered and addressed as a part of a coordinated conscious effort to become a ‘Healthier You’. These ‘4 Pillars’ are:·

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Stop Thinking Start Doing

Being obese or overweight is obviously not healthy.Eating an unbalanced diet is not healthy either.So, it follows that becoming less heavy and consuming foods that are part of a balanced diet are both important aspects of becoming healthy. Only you can make the changes necessary to address these problems successfully,Let’s begin to look at how. Reversing The Weight GainDespite the plethora of

Staying With Your (diet)

Staying motivated on a diet is crucial. If you can’t stay motivated, all is lost. You will end up going off the diet, and you might not even want to give it another try. So many people end up giving up on their diet. They throw up their hands in frustration and exclaim, “I can’t do this!” But the fact is, you CAN do it. You just have to know many different ways to keep yourself motivated.

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Get Skinny Quick-Understanding Weight Loss Plateaus

I think what we're going to cover in this post has happened to all of us! I am sure you have noticed that as we try to get skinny quick, sometimes the scales don't seem to move! That can be very frustrating.

Today, we're going to find out why this occurs and what we can do about it!

Understanding Weight Loss Plateaus

Obstacles to Strength, Endurance and Weight Loss

By Paige Waehner, About.com

Almost everyone reaches a weight loss plateau at some point in their fitness lives. The reason is that the human body works hard to keep energy intake and output in balance. In other words, your body does not like to lose weight (not a revelation, huh?). After your initial weight loss, your progress will slow down and eventually stop even though your exercise and food intake is consistent. The bottom line is that the very efforts you make to burn more calories may eventually slow it down.

Problem 1. Lowering your calories too much
Fact: It takes calories to burn calories. When you decrease your food intake, your body simply lowers its metabolic rate in response. This still allows the body to function properly, but ultimately your body requires fewer calories which creates hunger and prevents you from losing fat.

Keep your calories slightly below your maintenance calories so that your energy and metabolism remain high. A deficit greater than 500-700 calories makes it much more difficult to maintain your lean body mass. To determine your approximate daily caloric needs, use this formula:

    kg (body weight) x 24 = kcal/day

    kg (body weight) x 23 = kcal/day

note: kg = pounds divided by 2.2 (i.e.: 180 lbs / 2.2 = 81.8 kg)

You can also calculate your Basal Metabolic Rate to determine how many calories you need to function, and then use a calorie calculator to add in calories you burn through out the day and with exercise.

Problem 2. Loss of lean body mass
Fact: Muscle burns fat and losing muscle means burning fewer calories. Lean body mass uses five times the calories as fat mass so, if you lose it, your metabolism drops and your weight loss stops.

Make sure your exercise program is combined with a fully nourished body. You can accomplish this with a diet that creates a safe calorie deficit along with some type of multivitamin to help with any nutrient deficiencies.

Problem 3. Weight loss
What? But you thought that's what you wanted! However, what you may have forgotten is that when you weigh less, it takes less calories to move your body. A loss of any amount of weight will lead to a reduced energy requirement.

Make sure you start (or continue) a weight training program to help increase lean body mass, which can help compensate for the loss of calories.

More get skinny quick successful weight loss tips and how to break through the weight loss plateau will follow in the next post.

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Ways To Get Exercise

Getting exercise is very important to increase your metabolism and help you burn fat. You don’t have to bench press 250 pounds or run the Boston Marathon to get exercise. There are some very simple, easy, and fun ways to get exercise!And don’t tell me you don’t have enough time to exercise! There are opportunities to get exercise all around you. All you have to do is take them!We’re going to

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food lovers fat loss

We’ve all heard a lot about fats, but remember that many of the points you will read here will not provide a balanced diet outside of sports. These are geared to provide your body with the foundation of producing higher amounts of energy and therefore endurance. When it comes to fat, there is much to learn as well. What Is Fat? Fat is a product that you ingest when you eat foods. While there is

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Get Skinny Quick-Busted! 7 Common Weight Loss Mths

When it comes to losing weight and trying to get skinny quick, sometimes it is easy to fall for weight loss myths that float around.

In today's post, we are gonna bust wide open the 7 top weight loss myths!

7 Common Weight Loss Myths ... Busted!

By Jennifer R. Scott,

hink you know your stuff when it comes to losing weight? These pesky myths seem to get the best of many of us. Let's set the record straight before they sabotage your weight loss success.

  1. The best way to lose weight is to avoid eating carbs.

    Not exactly. The best way to lose weight is to eat fewer calories while enjoying a nutritious diet that includes a variety of foods. No one particular food group must be avoided to achieve a healthy weight as long as you keep your caloric intake in check. While it's smart to avoid refined carbohydrates as often as possible, foods like bread, rice, pasta, cereal, and fruit, can all be part of a healthful, balanced diet. Just try to pick complex carbs, such as whole grains and beans, over-processed foods (such as white bread) whenever possible.
  2. Genetics ultimately determine your weight.

    While research has shown that biological relatives tend to have a similar body weight, that doesn't seal your fate if your parents or grandparents are obese. Those with a family history of obesity may be more likely to gain weight than those with a slimmer family tree, but that doesn't mean a healthy diet and exercise are less effective for you. No matter what, the most important factors affecting your weight are how many calories you eat and how much physical activity you get. So don't use genetics as an excuse to give up.
  3. It's OK to switch from diet to diet.

    Well, you may have to go on (and off) a diet or two before you find the right one. That said, yo-yo dieting -- or, weight cycling (meaning you repeatedly lose and then gain back weight) -- definitely isn't a good idea. Weight cycling may lead to certain health issues, such as gallbladder problems, and it's also likely to cause you to feel depressed. Avoid "crash diets" that cause a sudden weight loss; a slow and steady loss of one to two pounds a week is much healthier and far more likely to be permanent.
  4. Fat is to be avoided.

    On the contrary, some fats can actually help you with your weight-loss efforts. Of course, eating too much fat overall is linked to disease risk, such as cancer, but we all actually need a little fat in our diets to be healthy. Fat helps the body to absorb important nutrients and to feel fuller longer, which will help you eat less. Trans fat and saturated fat should be avoided, but unsaturated fats are actually good for you. Enjoy foods like fish, nuts, and olive oil, and a fat "fix" can actually do your weight and your health good.
  5. Skipping meals is a good way to cut calories.

    Meal skipping can actually cause you to gain weight since it slows down your metabolism. In fact, meal skippers tend to weigh more than people who eat regular meals. This may be due to meal skippers' tendency to overeat later in the day to compensate for skipping breakfast or lunch. Rather than cutting out entire meals, shave off a few calories from each meal by controlling portions and finding lower-calorie alternatives to the high-calorie foods that you eat most often.
  6. Switching to reduced-fat or fat-free foods is a sure-fire way to lose weight.

    Not necessarily. Even if you have a pantry full of fat-free and low-fat foods -- such as salad dressing, crackers, and cookies -- that does not mean you can eat them to your heart's content. As with all other foods, portion control is the key to losing weight with reduced-fat foods. Even though light versions have less fat than their regular counterparts, they often have as many -- or more -- calories (some diet foods contain more sugar than the regular versions). Always read and compare nutrition labels when making selections.
  7. Following a strict diet will speed up your metabolism.

  8. You can't change your metabolism by following a particular diet plan; what will actually cause an increase in your metabolism is exercise. Following a too-strict diet can make exercising more difficult, if not impossible. In order to have energy to exercise, you must give your body the fuel it needs. Food is that fuel, and when you follow a fad diet that provides too few calories, you're simply not filling up your tank -- you will be too weak to exercise effectively and in the end, your metabolism will stall.


National Institutes of Health/National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases. Weight-control Information Network. WIN Publication - Weight loss and Nutrition Myths. 18 Nov 2007.

National Institutes of Health/National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases. Weight-control Information Network. WIN Publication - Weight Cycling. 18 Nov 2007.

Centers for Disease Control/National Office of Public Health Genomics. Genomics Training Perspectives Knowing Obesity and Genetics. Feb 2002. 18 Nov 2007.

Harvard School of Public Health. Fats & Cholesterol: Nutrition Source, Harvard School of Public Health. 18 Nov 2007.

More get skinny quick successful weight loss tips will follow in the next post.

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Working Out for Extreme Fitness

For any kind of extreme fitness one would have to work out with dedication as no excuses work in these circumstances. Most people wonder about building muscles being similar to abandoning life when they get out of the gym. Such people devote lot of hours in the gymnasium just like how a monk would do in a monastery. The only method according to them, perhaps, would be to toil hours over the

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Get Skinny Quick-Discover the 5 Habit Secrets to Successful Weight loss

Many of us who desire to get skinny quick think there must be an easier way to reach our weight loss goals.

The truth is, weight loss, as with most other goals and endeavors we wish to accomplish, does take effort and work.

That said, there are some things you can do to get skinny quick successfully. The next few posts will cover 5 habits for successful weight loss

Secrets to Successful Weight Loss

What it takes to lose weight and keep it off

By Paige Waehner, About.com


If you look at the process of weight loss, it seems like the simplest thing in the world: Eat less, burn more and watch the weight melt away. Such a simple concept, right? In fact, if you believe the hype put out there by some diet books, magazines and infomercials, it may seem like fast weight loss is just one diet or gadget away...if you could just find the right one.

In that respect, some of those infomercials and books are right - fast weight loss can be just around the corner. But losing weight fast doesn't always mean it will be permanent. For long-term weight loss, the usual diets or programs seem to fall short. So, what if you decided to get off the quick-fix path and do what really works? Your next question might be: what really works? The answer to that comes from more than 4,000 people who've lost weight and kept it off for a year or more. Are you ready to find out the secrets to successful weight loss?

Behind the National Weight Control Registry

These 4,000 successful weight losers are all part of the National Weight Control Registry, a group which continually gathers information about their members to find out how people really lose weight and keep it off. The members of the NWCR are men and women who have maintained at least a 30-pound weight loss for at least one year. In general, these members:

  • Lost an average of 70 pounds and kept it off for almost 6 years
  • Tried to lose weight previously and were unsuccessful
  • Used both diet and physical activity to lose weight
  • Used a variety of different dietary and activity approaches

What you can already glean from these few facts is that, first, there is no perfect diet or exercise program. Each member found his or her own method of dieting and exercising, so that's the first not-so-secret step to losing weight: a willingness to experiment and keep trying until you find a way of eating and moving around that fits with your life.

But, even though there is no one diet or exercise program that fits everyone, there are some common habits and behaviors that all of these successful losers share.

More get skinny quick successful weight loss tips will follow in the next post.

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When You Should Eat

You should eat when you’re hungry. It’s that simple. The trick is in learning how to know when you’re actually hungry, and when you want to eat because you are tired, bored, stressed out, or just craving food. This is actually harder than it sounds for many people. After years, perhaps decades of eating for the wrong reasons, you may have to train your body to recognize hunger again. Hunger

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Vegetarians Vs. Meat Eaters

If there is one topic that gets people in the sports nutrition arena hot under the collar, is the age old " vegetarian versus meat eater" debate. In particu- lar, the debate is focused on whether or not vegetarian diets are adequate and equivalent to diets that include meat when it comes to adding muscle mass. Outlining the entire debate of both sides of the fence is beyond the scope of this

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Get Skinny Quick-5 Easy Weight Loss Tips

Getting skinny quick sometimes is not as easy as we would like. However, we should not become discouraged because there are ways we can still get rid of those excess pounds.

Here are 5 tips for you to begin to use today to reach your get skinny quick goals!

Five Quick and Easy Weight Loss Steps

Childhood Obesity

By Vincent Iannelli, M.D., About.com

We have been hearing about the obesity epidemic for some time now. Unfortunately, even with all of the attention the topic is getting, a report from The Trust for America's Heath shows that obesity rates are rising even higher.

This shouldn't be too surprising, after all, for most people:

  • it is easy and fun to overeat
  • unhealthy foods and snacks taste good
  • it usually isn't much fun to exercise
These are things that you must change, whether or not your kids are already overweight, unless you want them to become overweight adults. You don't have to make drastic, all at once diet and lifestyle changes though, which most people can't keep up with. On the other hand, if you don't do anything today, there is a good chance that nothing is going to change and your overweight kids will continue to become more overweight.

So start with small changes, which is usually okay as long as you stick with them and continue to steadily build to a healthy diet and active lifestyle.

These five quick and easy weight loss steps are things that you can do right now to lead your kids, and your family, to a healthier way of living.

1) Cut back on some calories.

In general, one pound of body weight is equal to 3500 calories. So if you get an extra 150 calories a day, you will gain about an extra pound in just three weeks! That's just a few cookies a day or maybe an extra dinner roll and helps illustrate how little things can lead to a weight problem.

Although you likely don't need to put your child on a strict diet (or at least you shouldn't without the supervision of your Pediatrician and/or a registered dietician), it should be very easy to trim just 100 or 200 extra calories from your older child's diet.

2) Eat less fast food.

Although most fast food restaurants now offer healthy menu choices, most kids opt for high fat and high calorie fast food meals. Although you could search for healthier fast food, like a baked potato, salad, or low fat sandwich, etc., you are usually better off providing your kids with a healthier meal at home.

3) Drink fewer calories.

With fruit drinks, fruit juice, soda, and sport's drinks, most kids drink way too many calories. Often, these drinks can be the difference between kids being overweight or at a healthy weight and getting rid of them is a very easy way to eliminate extra calories from your child's diet.

Although it is usually considered okay to allow children between the ages of 1 and 6 years to have 4 to 6 ounces and older children to have 8 to 12 ounces of 100 percent fruit juice each day, if they are already overweight, even that may be too much. Better alternatives might be low fat milk (as long as they are over two years old) and water, and even limiting sport's drinks to when your child is involved in vigorous physical activity.

Diet drinks can play a role here too, although many parents worry about offering them to children. In this case, you have to consider the unproven risks of artificial sweeteners with the known health problems that are associated with being overweight.

4) Get more active.

Kids don't usually find traditional exercise fun. For them, it is more important to simply get them active doing things that they do enjoy. This might include a new team sport, such as baseball or volleyball, an individual sport if they don't like the idea of being a part of a large team, or just unorganized play in the neighborhood riding a bike, skateboarding, or just playing outside.

5) Shop smarter.

Although you may not have complete control over everything your kids eat once they leave home, what you buy at the grocery store can help you control what they do eat at home. That doesn't mean that they will eat all of their veggies just because you buy them, but they can't drink soda or eat high fat potato chips if you don't buy them.

First Steps

Remember that the goal here is to start small so that you actually get started. Just choose one or two items from each step every few days or each week and then watch how quickly it adds up and you see results.

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Foods You Should Avoid

Now that we’ve talked about the foods you should eat, let’s talk about the foods you should avoid at all costs. These are foods that can really screw up your weight loss efforts, and it’s best to avoid most of them completely, or carefully restrict them.For the most part, you should feel free to enjoy the foods you love, just in lesser quantities. Unfortunately, many of the foods you love will

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Get Skinny Quick-7 Things You Didn't Know About Walking and Losing Weight

Those of us who desire to get skinny quick sometimes may overlook the really simple things we can do to get rid of those excess pounds.

Walking is one of those things that if done right can really help us reach our weight loss goals. Today's post will be on how to get the most out of walking.

7 Things You Don't Know About Walking for Weight Loss

By Jennifer R. Scott, About.com

Walking for weight loss sounds pretty easy -- you just put one foot in front of the other, right? Think again! There are some important guidelines to follow if you want to get the most out of your workout. Before you head outside or hit the treadmill again, consider these seven tips for walking for weight loss:

  1. Posture Pointer
    Be sure to maintain good posture by standing tall. You'll actually burn more calories than if you have less-than-perfect posture such as leaning forward or rounding your shoulders.
    More: Proper Walking Posture from Wendy Bumgardner, About.com walking Guide
  2. Keep Your Arms Close
    If you bend your arms when you are walking, they should stay close to your body. Don't allow your thumb to rise above your chest or go behind your hip area.
  3. Keep Your Chin Up
    You should always keep your eyes toward the horizon and keep your shoulders back. This is often a problem for beginners, but try not to look down at the ground or at your feet.
    More: Walking Gait Problems by Sherry Brourmany
  4. (Don't) Take it in Stride
    When you're ready to "step it up" be sure you make each step a little quicker instead of taking a longer stride. Quicker steps are actually more efficient than longer strides.
  5. Step Smart
    With each step, you should step off from your toes. To see if you're doing this, have someone "spot" you; they should be able to see the bottom of your sneaker when you take a step.
    More: Proper Treadmill Footsteps from Wendy Bumgardener
  6. Prep for a Plateau
    If you don't lose weight when walking anymore, mix it up and try something new, like a kickboxing class. You may be experiencing a plateau because your body has become accustomed to what you've been doing and needs to "rev up" again.
  7. Be Smart About Sneakers
    You shouldn't wear just any old shoe to walk; you really should invest in a walking shoe. A quality walking shoe will have a beveled heel that angles about a half inch up at the back. The sole should curve slightly toward the front.
I hope you find these walking tips helpful!

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7 Ways Your Body Takes The Path Of Least Resistance

Your body is an amazing machine. How your brain works. How the various systems work: endocrine, cardiovascular, nervous, digestive. How your body replaces cells. How it repairs and maintains tissue. It really is amazing. At the same time, if your body had its way, it would love to do... nothing. Even though your body can do some incredible things, it would just as soon just sit like a bump on a

Senin, 06 Juli 2009

We will finish up today with our 10 tips to get skinny quick! These are so simple that all of us can implement them right away!

Weight Loss Quick Tips #10: Easy Ways to Lose Weight

By Jennifer R. Scott,

  1. Shop for Your Slimmer Self

    Stay motivated by donating your clothing to charity when you go down a size and shop there to keep costs down when you buy for your next “temporary” size. Having a few new items each time you hit a new size will keep you motivated to keep right on losing.
  2. Don't Drive and Dine

    We tend to multitask these days, but try not to eat while driving -- you’re likely to eat more without realizing and not “know” you’ve eaten because you were distracted, which leads to overeating later on.
    More: 5 Ways to Prevent Overeating
  3. Ration Your Favorite Tunes

    Make playlists of your favorite songs and only allow yourself to listen to them when you’re exercising. I love music, so this is a great motivator for me when I don't want to get up and go. Plus, my favorite songs somehow sound even better when I listen to them out in the fresh air during my walk.
  4. Stay In More

    Give up eating out for cooking at home so you can control portions and save money. Just making simple changes can save tons calories. For example: Bake, don’t fry, all your favorite foods.
    More: Create a Diet-Friendly Kitchen
  5. Soup's On!

    You've heard having soup or salad before your meal will help you eat less, but how do you know which is best if both are available? Choose soup -- it is more filling than salad thanks to its volume. (Just say no to bread or crackers along with it, though.)
  6. Splurge Smart

    Got some spare calories to spend? Savor something special like a small piece of dark chocolate rather than splurging on something you tend to eat regularly like a cookie or potato chips. By saving your extra calories for something decadent, you may be more willing to cut them in other areas, such as using a fat-free mayo or switching to light bread.
    More: Cut Calories at Lunch

Losing weight doesn't have to be so tough! Get off to a great start in your weight-loss efforts by signing up for our free e-mail course, Weight Loss 101!

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Get Skinny Quick-Easy Weight Loss Tip #3

I hope you all had a great 4th of July weekend and managed to stick to your get skinny quick goals! I am proud of myself as I did not over indulge!

We're now on to Easy Weight Loss Tip #3 and #4. Jennifer Scott over at http://www.about.com
has been sharing some easy to follow get skinny quick advice!

Weight Loss Quick Tips #10: Easy Ways to Lose Weight

By Jennifer R. Scott, About.com

Created: June 12, 2009

  1. Tailgating Tips

    Summer is all about festivals, concerts and sports events, and what are they without a little pre-event get-together in the parking lot? Trouble is, the typical tailgater food isn't exactly diet-friendly. Pack a cooler of healthy choices in lieu of picking up takeout, deli items, or fast food (like buckets of fried chicken) when planning to party.
  2. Cheese, Please!

    Strong cheese like blue cheese or parmesan provide a lot of flavor so you can "pep up" foods with them without using too much and take in fewer calories than if you used a larger serving of milder cheese. Try adding a sprinkle of blue cheese to your salad or parmesan to vegetables.
    More: Are "Extras" Adding too Many Calories?

More tips to follow in the next post.

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Keeping The Weight Off

Once you’ve lost the weight, you need to learn how to keep it off. Most people do gain the weight back after they lose it, because they go right back to their old habits. As you get closer to your goal weight, you will need to start easing into the lifestyle that you will continue for the rest of your life. You will need to remember to keep cutting out the biggest sources of blood sugar spikes

Foods You Should Eat

The main thing is to keep your fridge and cabinets stocked with plenty of foods you can eat in unlimited or substantial quantities. First, let’s talk about some things you can eat in unlimited quantities. These are foods that, if you eat them until you feel like you’re going to puke, you still shouldn’t fear gaining any weight! These are also foods that contain vitamins, minerals, and other

The Food Pyramid

As you can see, the largest group is the base of the pyramid. This group contains breads, grains, and other starches (like corn and potatoes). This is the group the USDA believes you should eat the most of. These grains and starches help give you energy, but they can be loaded with carbohydrates that can raise your blood sugar. It’s best to stick with whole grains, and go easy on the really

Eating For Your Body

If you're craving pizza, it's probably the tomato sauce your body is asking for. In this case, you could try having some healthy tomato soup, some tomato juice, or a nice, fresh tomato salad. If you are craving something healthy like watermelon or broccoli, by all means indulge! But of course most people tend to crave things that they really love to eat. Maybe watermelon is your favorite food

Goals of Health

There’s an old adage in sports that says, “You miss 100% of the shots you never take.” What this adage is all about is reminding us that we need to set goals and attempt to reach them if we want to see success. No goals will more likely mean any successes. Now, some might argue that having goals could mean no success… and that’s true, too. But here’s the difference: An archer can fire randomly

Fitness & Healthy Living

Fit & Healthy living doesn’t just come from one thing. Forget the magic pill or thediet potion or the surgery or the mantra or the crash diet or the intense workoutonce a month. These are common things we turn to when we need a solution forour lives. But they won’t help us enjoy healthy living.Healthy living is like a puzzle and eachpiece fits together with the other piecesand it isn’t until you

The Top Ten Ways To Start Your Fitness Program Smart

Starting an exercise program can be scary. You're eager to melt off ugly fat anddevelop a physique that won't quit.You want to find a fitness program you can stick with, and you don't want towaste valuable time doing boring routines that get you nowhere, and leave youtired and back to your lazy, stay-in-your-comfort-zone ways. Plus, you want toget the most efficient workout for the time involved

Energy With Fitness

Strength Training Muscles are important for energy because it's our muscles that do any kind of physical work. Stronger, more exercised muscles do the job with less effort and don't poop out so fast. That means you are less likely to fatigue when you're doing things around the house or at work. Get some lift tips from a trainer at a club to make sure you're doing things safely and effectively.

Fitness And Health

An unfit life will result in… - Poor health - Poor self esteem - Reduction in ability to think clearly - Reduction in ability to act or react adequately - Increase in stress - Early death A healthy lifestyle will result in… - Fewer visits to the doctor - Feeling better about ourselves - Ability to think clearly - Ability to act or react adequately in all situations - Reduced stress - Increased

Health Plan

Movies like Super size Me and television shows like Honey, We’re Killing The Kids point to our awareness that something is not right with our health. Each year, billions of dollars are spent on health equipment, diet books, health food, diet supplements, weight loss pills & potions and fitness center memberships. So if we’re so aware of our current health situation, and apparently spending tons

Weight Loss and Diet Pills

. To lose weight, you need to increase your activity to burn more and/or eat fewer calories each day . If you're eating less calories than you're burning, you'll lose weight . Now if you don't think you're going to like our method, feel free to check out other experts' advice on How to Lose Weight . energy balance and fat oxidation information to help lose weight naturally. One final

Nutrition Plan

Developing a solid nutrition plan involves more than just knowing which foods to eat; you also need to consider how much of each to consume, and how often. In other words, you need to know how to prioritize foods when you’re constructing a nutrition plan. For example, both broccoli and brown rice make the “good carb” list, but there’s a clear di erence in their energy density. Broccoli is high

Body Fat and GI

As most people are probably aware, Americans are eating less fat, but are fatter than ever! One likely culprit is the fact that most people have re- placed fat with high GI foods such as “low fat” cookies, cakes, rice cakes and other high GI foods. Some research has even found the GI of food can actually alter the eating behavior all day long. A study in 1999, for example, examined how

What Are The Drawbacks Of The GI?

What are the drawbacks of the GI? For one thing, many people hold it upas the Holy Grail of dieting, the be-all and end-all of nutrition. It’s not. It ishowever another useful tool in the ght against body fat. Many things canalter the GI of foods.One drawback is that the GI is gured out in isolation - that is, each foodis tested alone to gure out its GI number. This makes perfect sense

Why Is The Glycemic Index Important?

The GI’s importance relates to blood sugar’s e ects on the hormone insulin,the primary hormonal mediator of fat storage. Among its hundreds of dif-ferent functions, the body uses the hormone insulin to control the amountof sugar (glucose) in the blood, help pull amino acids into the cells, turn onprotein synthesis in lean tissues and regulate body fat storage.Problems with the body’s


Carbohydrates, or sugars, are made primarily of carbon, hydrogen and oxy- gen atoms that cyclize into a ring. Carbohydrates can be “simple” or “complex” depending on the number of rings you hook together and the way in which they hook together. Though the rings can be slightly di erent, their common theme is the ring struc- ture as their nal shape. Similar to amino acids and fats, when you

Sabtu, 04 Juli 2009

Macronutrient Basics: Fats

Fats are deceivingly simple molecules. Fats are just atoms of carbon linked together in a chain. Assuming nothing is attached to either end of the chain (a free fatty acid), you will nd a carbon surrounded by hydrogen (CH ) on one end, and on the other end you will nd a few oxygens (COOH 3 or COO-). Surrounding all the carbons are hydrogen atoms. Now what gives vari- ous fats most of their

Macronutrient Basics: Protein

There are approximately 20 or so amino acids that can make up a protein. Eight of them are considered essential and the body cannot make them on its own (the de nition of an essential nutrient), thus they are required from our diet. Technically, the non-essential aminos can be made from the essential aminos. There are also amino acids considered “conditionally” -essential under certain

Nutrition: You Are What You Eat

To most people, understanding nutrition is only slightly less confusing thanunderstanding Einstein's theory of relativity. A new book or article comesout weekly espousing the latest, greatest way of eating.foundation forunderstanding nutrition with the goal of optimizing your body's anabolicenvironment. What does that mean exactly?Bodybuilders and other athletes have come to use the term "

weight loss and diets

Weight Loss begins by understanding how much energy you expend versus what you take in. Weight loss probably comes from following the diet. Weight loss can be done easily but to manage weight and prevent weight regain is a difficult task. Weight Loss Wisdom: Dieting help when you really need it. Weight loss only erases the symptoms of persistent issues to weight control such as aging,

What causes overweight?

There are many causes for overweight. Most people, however, are overweight simply because they overeat. A very small percentage of people are obese due to some endocrine or glandular disorder. Some cases possibly are due to an error in the individual's metabolism. And still another small percentage of cases result from an inherited or constitutional trait that runs in families and is passed on

Diet for health, not for beauty

. Unfortunately, people are intensely human and, to give a new twist to an old maxim, the spirit is willing but the flesh is strong. The result has been a widespread practice of "stop-and-go" dieting aimed not at improved health, but at a more fashionable silhouette.Nothing could be worse than that kind of up-and-down-the-scales program. In the first place, you benefit from reduced weight only if

What is wrong with our diet and our eating habits?

Many things are wrong with our diet and eating habits.Nowhere in the world is food treated so badly before it is eaten as in the United States. Here it is raised by the use of artificial chemicals. In an all-out effort aimed at quantity, rather than quality, we do everything humanly possible to destroy the original character that the Creator provided and intended for the yield of the earth.

Jumat, 03 Juli 2009

Carbohydrates are a main source of energy

Carbohydrates include the two main classes: starches and sugars. They are one of the primary sources of energy of our diet. One gram of carbohydrate yields 4 calories of energy. The amount of carbohydrates necessary in the daily diet is very variable and also depends on the amount of it eaten with the protein in meals. The average American adult consumes anywhere from 150 to 400 grams of

How To Use Dietary Supplements