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Top Natural Weight Loss Supplements

As children and adults continue to wage a losing battle against excessive weight and obesity, the impact to health and longevity is beginning to take it's toll.  Dietary excess, lack of exercise and stress are contributing to skyrocketing levels of the major killers.  

Heart disease, diabetes, cancer, stroke and Alzheimer's account for over 60% of deaths annually.  Children and teens are the largest growing segment of this epidemic, as they are increasingly raised on a processed diet of sugar, refined carbohydrates and trans fats which have been stripped of essential nutrients and are directly linked to disease when consumed for extended periods.  Targeted supplementation has been shown to be effective as a compliment to a healthy diet and can fuel weight loss through unique metabolic mechanisms.

Green Tea Steps Up Metabolism
Green tea is packed with natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds known as polyphenol catechins.  EGCG is a catechin which combines with caffeine in the minimally processed green tea and is effective in increasing the Base Metabolic Rate in the body.  This means that calories are continually being burned at a higher rate resulting in reduced fat storage and weight loss.  

Green Tea has the added advantage of modulating the effect of insulin which determines whether carbohydrate calories are stored as fat or burned for fuel.  This is especially important for diabetics as the disorder is characterized by insulin resistance and improper uptake of glucose by the cells. 

Green Tea has been shown to assist in weight loss when combined with a regular fitness program and a diet which drastically restricts refined carbohydrates and highly processed manufactured foods in favor of plenty of raw vegetables, nuts, seeds, lean protein and healthy fats.

Resveratrol Mimics Calorie Restriction
Calorie Restriction has long been known as an effective means to extend lifespan in animals and can also lead to healthy weight loss as a result.  By reducing calories consumed by 25%, certain genetic survival mechanisms are triggered in the body.  Specifically, a group of genes called SIRT1 are sensitive to how much food we are eating, and can slow down or speed up our longevity genetics to ensure reproduction during times of famine.  

Most people today eat enough calories to prevent SIRT1 from activating, but studies are demonstrating that we can mimic Calorie Restriction by taking a powerful grape skin extract called Resveratrol.  Resveratrol works best as an adjunct to continued weight loss after calorie intake has been reduced, as it activates the SIRT1 genes to fuel fat metabolism.
DHA From Fish Oil Supports Weight Loss
Omega-3 fats from fish and fish oil have been credited with supporting heart and brain health, and now natural weight loss can be added to the impressive list of benefits.  The DHA component of fish oil is used by the body to construct the outer membrane of each cell, and when this fat is available from diet or supplementation, it creates a healthy cell wall which allows the proper influx of oxygen and nutrients.  

This permits the cell to operate efficiently, and in addition to helping prevent potentially serious diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer's, DHA increases the metabolic rate of the cell which burns additional calories.  DHA directly influences how fat stores are released for use as energy and the regulation of blood sugar by the body.  Proper diet and exercise are essential to maximize the effectiveness of DHA.

A solid weight loss strategy is essential for every health conscious child and adult.  Hundreds of thousands of unnecessary deaths are recorded each year from the major killers, and lives can be spared by a sensible approach to diet and exercise.  Additionally, targeted powerhouse dietary supplements help to fuel fat burn and weight loss naturally, while providing major health benefits.  As with any health regime, supplements are only a part of the overall program, but they can provide key support toward an extended, disease-free life.

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Lose Weight Really Fast-3 Tips To Flatten Your Belly

Most people who desire to lose weight really fast also want a flat belly. Everybody knows summer is around the corner and to be swimsuit ready, a flat belly is a must!  Getting back in shape, burning the fat, and looking good are all within your reach, using these 3 simple tip to get a  flat belly in record time.

Tip #1 – Breakfast is a Must.

Your car can’t run on empty and neither can your body. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, not simply for energy, but for burning fat as well. As odd as it may sound, rolling out of bed and eating first is very beneficial to your health. The longer you wait to eat in the morning, the closer your body gets to diving into survival mode and shutting down your metabolism.

Tip #2 – Water isn’t just for bathing!

You don’t drink enough water. No one drinks enough water. Studies have shown that many Americans don’t even drink 1/3rd of the recommended daily intake of water. It’s astounding really when you consider that 70% of your body is made up of water, but it is the one thing people forget about. Coffee, Tea, Soda, or whatever else you drink, simply can’t satisfy your body and keep it running like water. Double your water intake and you would be surprised the result!

Tip #3 – Cardio is a must!

There may not be a lot of time in the day, but you can’t afford to spend it on your butt. Even if you can only find time to walk a mile, get out and go! One of the best ways to get the exercise in is to walk your dog, or a baby in a stroller. Not only is the family getting out for some time together, or the dog for some play time, but you are getting some much needed exercise. Walking is a great place to start, but if you can get up the courage, thirty minutes of running can make an amazing change for your body.

It can be tough to get the ball rolling, but once you get started, you might be surprised how much better it will make you feel. By using simple changes in your life, such as getting a solid breakfast, drinking more water, and walking 20 or 30 minutes a day, you will feel younger and look younger in no time. Just keep your nose to the grindstone and don’t give up, you’ll be there before you know it!

To Your Success,
Monique Hawkins
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Weight Reduction Principles

Excess weight is rapidly becoming one of the most pressing medical issues in America today.  Statistics indicate that close to 70% of adults are either overweight or obese, and even more disconcerting is the rise seen among children and teens.  As obesity increases, so do the diseases which are associated with excess weight, such as heart disease, cancer, stroke and diabetes.  Sensible weight loss allows for dramatically reduced risk from these diseases, and can provide a natural treatment without the need for a lifetime of dangerous prescription medications.

Cut Calories By 25%
People routinely set out to lose weight by following a poorly organized diet.  They fail to understand that weight loss requires proper planning and organization, with calories and nutrients being calculated with every meal.  Many overweight people have tried countless diets and are unable to maintain their initial weight loss. 

Initially the diet works well as the first pounds come off, but eventually metabolism slows and our innate survival mode causes weight loss to plateau.  Once this happens, most dieters become disappointed and put the pounds back, plus a few just in case they should try again.  Less than 5% of people following a traditional diet are able to maintain a normal weight range for more than 5 years, as our body defends our desire to attain a healthy weight.

Weight loss can be achieved by strict adherence to a well laid out regimen which reduces total calorie intake by 25%.  This may seem drastic at first, but after two weeks the body will adjust to the reduced caloric load and overall metabolism will become more efficient, making the new dietary lifestyle a pleasant experience.  It is important to ensure that the minimum requirements are met for all vitamins and minerals.  This is accomplished by using dietary software which is available on the internet at no cost.

It is essential to record every food item eaten in the program, and initially all food must be counted or weighed.  There will be no room for unhealthy processed foods which are laden with sugar, salt, trans-fats and excessive carbohydrates.  The calorie restricted diet will focus on raw and steamed vegetables, nuts, seeds, lean protein and limited fruits and monounsaturated fats.  The health benefits of this new lifestyle can be seen almost immediately in reduced weight, lowered blood pressure and normalization of blood sugar.

Interval Training Exercises Fuel Weight Loss
Exercise is the catalyst which fuels weight loss.  Any type of diet is destined to fail without the right type of exercise program which is designed to increase fat burning and metabolism.  Aerobic exercise has been popular for increasing the heart rate and does help in weight management.  This type of progressive exercise does little to build up muscle which is key to the sustained burning of fat for energy.

Our genes have been programmed based on many thousands of years of evolution.  Our early ancestors did not evolve in a world of aerobic exercise, but instead used short bursts of intense physical motion which was required in the hunt for food or to evade an enemy.  It turns out that we gain the most benefit from exercise which is short in duration, intense and repeated to work many different body parts. 

Develop a fitness program which highlights all major muscle groups alternatively and lasts 30 to 60 seconds each.  The total workout session should last 10 to 20 minutes.  Research has shown that this type of short burst, intense pattern has the same fat burning effect as an hour of aerobic training, and most importantly provides muscle conditioning and sustained fat burn to compliment calorie restricted weight loss.

Fish Oil Fats Help Burn Fat
Fish Oil contains Omega-3 fatty acids which have shown an amazing capacity to fuel fat metabolism in the body.  Studies show that supplementing with fish oil activates lipase, the enzyme responsible for breaking down fat when digested.  Since the fat is converted for use as energy at a 25% higher rate, it is not stored, assisting in weight loss and maintenance. 

Omega-3 fats from fish oil also have the capacity to reduce insulin resistance, allowing our cells to better utilize glucose as needed.  This not only has the benefit of correcting metabolism problems which can lead to diseases such as diabetes, but also keeps sugar from being converted to fat where it can be stored.  Fish oil has been known to benefit brain health for a number of years, but we now understand that it can also be an aid in attaining our weight loss goals.

Obesity is a problem that will plague our culture for the foreseeable future.  The skyrocketing trend among children will guarantee the problem will persist for generations.  We have the tools to correct the problem, starting with caloric control through dietary modification.  Reduce calories by 25% by adopting a healthy eating regime and monitor all food eaten.  Develop a fitness routine which uses short burst, high intensity intervals, and utilize targeted supplementation with fish oils as a compliment to achieve your weight loss goal.

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Cancer Prevention Stratagies

Cancer is the second leading cause of death among Americans.  Many people do not realize that cancer is largely a disease which can be prevented through lifestyle and dietary modifications as well as through targeted supplementation.  Prevention is the key to reducing the number of cancer deaths, as once this disease has spread to multiple organs, survival rates plummet.  100 years ago, it is estimated that cancer affected 1 in 80 people, yet today nearly 1 in 3 Americans will deal with some form of the disease.

A Century of Lifestyle Alterations Lead to Cancer Proliferation
Our lifestyle in the US has changed dramatically over the last century.  We have evolved from a predominately natural, unprocessed type of diet to the Standard American Diet (SAD) which is based on quick and easy manufactured refined carbohydrates, trans fats, high fructose corm syrup and overcooked fat-laden proteins. 

Less than 10% of the modern diet consists of foods in their natural form, as most of the vitamins, minerals, fiber and nutrients have been removed and then infused with sugar, salt and chemicals to make the end product more to our liking.  Today's food manufacturing procedures lead to the type of high calorie foods which change our body's cellular metabolism resulting in the explosion of overweight and obese individuals, and has been directly linked to 100,000 cancer cases annually in the US.

The alteration of our foods is one of the leading causes in the proliferation of cancer.  Over a period of years and decades, our body is deprived of essential nutrients which are required to keep our immune system healthy in the fight against rogue cells which periodically turn cancerous.  The body is able to compensate for poor nutrition initially, but eventually can no longer keep pace with newly generated cells which have not developed correctly.  Over time, enough of these pre-cancerous cells develop and a tumor encases the growth, eventually leading to metastatic movement to different organs in the body.  At this point, modern medicine will attempt to slice, burn or poison the cancer , usually with very dismal results.

Cancer Can Be Prevented By Dietary and Environmental Changes
Cancer is a disease involving cellular replication, DNA and genetics.  While some cancer incidence is due to genetic susceptibility, the vast majority of cases are due to the lifestyle influence we impose on our DNA through diet and our environment.  A single fast food meal consisting of a burger, fries and sugary soft drink has been shown to negatively impact our genes which control cancer proliferation.  

Additionally, our internal and external environment has changed considerably over the prior century.  Airborne pollutants are belched into the atmosphere and absorbed by our skin.  Virtually every home cleaning product, air freshener and laundry detergent contain a host of chemicals which over time prove to be carcinogenic.  Over many years, the lack of nutrients from our refined diet when combined with a toxic environment of chemical exposure lead to an excessive burden on our body, ultimately contributing to the exponential increase in cancer cases.

Prevent Cancer Through Natural Diet and Vitamin D Supplementation
It is possible to prevent cancer in many cases by adopting a natural dietary approach which highlights foods eaten raw or minimally cooked.  This ensures a high nutrient content while providing our cells with the necessary building blocks for daily cellular regeneration.  Eliminating poor food choices has the added benefit of attaining and maintaining a healthy weight which can have a positive impact on overall health.  One essential tool in the cancer prevention mix is Vitamin D

Vitamin D is intricately involved in the process of DNA formation within the cell, and acts as a blueprint to accurately guide the gene replication process.  Ensuring sufficient levels of Vitamin D through blood testing can reduce the incidence of many cancers by as much as 75%.  It is important to note that the vast majority of Americans are severely deficient in Vitamin D, as it is scarce in the food supply and conversion in the skin by exposure to sun is limited in most adults.

Developing a sound cancer prevention strategy is essential for every adult.  Although cancer incidence has skyrocketed over the past century, today we have a thorough understanding of the steps which must be followed to prevent this insidious disease.  Our diet has evolved to the point where most of the food we eat has been manipulated by a manufacturing processor, stripping most of the essential nutrients required to maintain good health.  Further, we are subjected to a never ending assault of pollutants and chemical exposure which tears apart our native immune response and opens the door for cancer development.  By adopting a natural approach to diet, eliminating unnecessary chemical exposure and supplementing with Vitamin D, we make a very important step forward toward a cancer free life.

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Alzheimer's Disease Prevention and Treatment

Alzheimer's Disease cases have been rapidly increasing over the last half century, and are currently the seventh leading cause of death in America.  Alzheimer's is the most common form of dementia and affects our ability to form memories, communicate and perform the most common daily tasks.  Fifty years ago, Alzheimer's Disease was virtually unknown to medical science, yet today we see a skyrocketing incidence of this devastating affliction.  While there is a genetic component to the disease, it is largely the result of lifestyle, poor diet and environmental factors which cause systemic inflammation in the body.

Alzheimer's Disease Caused by Brain Inflammation
The Standard American Diet is known to promote a low grade inflammation throughout the body, and is linked with heart disease, stroke and cancer.  We can add Alzheimer's Disease to the list, as the brain is susceptible to the ravages of inflammatory chemicals which are released into the blood as a result of poor diet and environmental assault.

The disease is characterized by the accumulation of a protein known as beta amyloid which blocks communications between the neuron's synapses.  Normally the brain is able to break down the amyloid plaques so they can be removed properly, but this function becomes limited as inflammation affects the normal plaque clearance process in the brain.  Alzheimer's was a very rare condition prior to 1950.  Our diet did not include all the refined, processed and fried foods.  Meals were made at home from natural ingredients including plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, and we were not continually exposed to a barrage of unhealthy chemicals and pollutants in our homes and the environment.

Anti-Aging Formula Increases Brain Synapse Formation
Scientists have been working feverishly on drugs and natural nutraceuticals which may have an impact on the development and progression of Alzheimer's Disease.  There are several drugs which have been approved for management of the disease, but they are at best palliative.  Recent studies have demonstrated that a specially formulated cocktail consisting of uridine, choline and the Omega-3 fatty acid DHA helped the brain to form new synapses for communication between neurons.  

DHA is especially important for brain health, as more than half of the brain cell membranes are composed of the fat.  When DHA is in short supply in the blood, other inferior fats must be used for the construction process resulting in a cell which cannot function optimally.  Also important to the formula for synapse development in the brain are the B Vitamins, especially the B-12 derivative Methylcobalamin which provides the electrical charge that cause the synapse to fire.  This is an important finding for those wishing to prevent and even treat Alzheimer's Disease since the more healthy synapses which exist in the brain, the better we can process, store and manipulate information and memories.

Targeted Supplements Inhibit Plaque Formation
The most exciting research involves two critical nutrients, which when combined have been shown to reduce the amount of beta amyloid plaque formation in the brain.  Resveratrol and Circumin when taken together can reduce plaque deposits.  While there is controversy as to whether beta amyloid protein is the cause or effect of Alzheimer's Disease, there is little argument that clearing this sticky substance from the brain is the key to prevention and even treatment.  Resveratrol is an extract from the skins of red grapes which has the ability to break apart amyloid deposits.  Circumin is a natural component of the spice curry, and is a powerful antioxidant.  Working synergistically with Resveratrol, the two provide a powerful punch to plaque formation, and given their excellent safety record, should be a part of every dietary program to prevent Alzheimer's Disease.

Lifestyle has been shown to be a key component in the development of Alzheimer's Disease.  Diet and our environment have changed dramatically over the past decades, and are the primary cause of the rampant increase in the disease.  Drug manufacturers are working hard to find the 'magic bullet' which will cure this disease, yet the best tools we have for prevention are realized by following a healthy diet, careful monitoring of the chemical environment to which we are subjected each day and supplementing with a targeted group of nutraceuticals which are essential to healthy brain function.

Rabu, 14 April 2010

Coronary Artery Disease Prevention Tips

Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) results in nearly 1 million deaths each year and millions more are living with this disease and the limitations which lead to an early demise.  Coronary Artery Disease is avoidable and reversible by following a healthy diet and supplementing with targeted nutraceuticals.  Amazingly, this information has been understood and implemented with demonstrated results for decades and yet CAD remains the leading cause of death in the US today.

Coronary Artery Disease is Caused by Poor Lifestyle Decisions
Coronary Artery PlaqueCoronary Artery Disease, or atherosclerosis is a progressive narrowing and hardening of the arteries which provide blood to the heart.  Over the course of years and decades of poor dietary choices, external stress, lack of exercise and environmental pollutants, the normally flexible arteries begin to develop small cracks within the artery lining.  In an attempt to prevent blood from leaking through the cracks, the body uses its own patching mixture of minerals and oxidized fats to prevent blood loss.  Cholesterol is essential for good health, and limiting production in the body by taking statins only leads to further health issues.  Vibrant health is attained through healthy diet, exercise and stress reduction principles.

Eat a Healthy Diet to Prevent and Reverse Coronary Plaque
Eliminate Refined CarbohydratesFollowing the Standard American Diet (SAD) which is packed with highly refined wheat, corn and sugar based carbohydrates leads directly to systemic inflammation throughout the body and micro-cracks in the lining of the arteries.  High triglycerides and the plaque promoting small, dense LDL cholesterol particles in the blood are the end result.  The key to plaque prevention is to eat plenty of raw green leafy vegetables, seeds, nuts, healthy fats and lean proteins.  Eliminate all processed, refined carbohydrates, sugars, wheat and corn products.  This dietary plan will reduce the inflammation and high triglyceride levels which are the main cause of CAD, while halting further plaque progression in the arteries.

Nobel Prize Winning Chemist Discovers Plaque Reversal Cocktail
Dr. Linus Pauling was a chemist and winner of multiple Nobel Prize awards, and is best known for his work with Vitamin C.  Pauling furthered his work to include two amino acids which work alongside Vitamin C, and are essential in the fight to prevent and treat CAD.  Pauling found that Lysine and Proline, combined with Vitamin C creates a sticky substance which attaches to the foamy plaque deposits, ushering the deadly substance out of the coronary arteries.  This combination is known as the Pauling Therapy, and is currently used successfully by many people to eradicate plaque and reduce the incidence of coronary artery disease.  Additionally, supplements such as niacin, Vitamin D and green tea extracts have therapeutic effects which cause regression of the plaque that leads to hardened arteries.

Coronary Artery Disease is devastating in terms of disability, loss of productive years and the burden placed on an already failing health system.  We understand the root cause of this disease and also the proven natural therapy to prevent, halt and treat this affliction which many consider a death sentence.  A proper diet which favors raw vegetables, nuts, seeds and lean proteins instead of the typical highly processed carbohydrate fare consumed my most people will produce life altering results.  Further evidence shows that a regimen of specially targeted supplements can compliment a healthy lifestyle, leading to Coronary Artery Disease reversal and a lengthened lifespan.  CPDAKFVDVXH8

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Lose Weight Really Fast-Download Your Free Fat Loss Report

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Lose Weight Really Fast-6 Easy Weight Loss Diet Tips

Weightloss pyramid.Image via Wikipedia
It seems like there everybody is looking to lose weight. For some, they need to lose 25 pounds or more. Others, like myself, are looking to drop those final 10 annoying pounds.

Today's post will cover 6 easy weight loss tips that will help you with your weight loss efforts. I hope you find them helpful!

To Your Success,
Monique Hawkins
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Weight Loss Diet - 6 Powerful Weight Loss Diet Tips

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Lose Weight Really Fast-How to Lose 10 Pounds in Just a Week,

If you want to jump start your weight loss in the next month, I think this article I  just ran across will help. If you want to lose weight really fast and get rid of all those nasty toxins, this could work well for you.

So, how do you lose 10 pounds in a week??? Read on!

How to Lose 10 Pounds in Just a Week, Step by Step - Things You Need to Know!
To Your Success,
Monique Hawkins
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Lose Weight Really Fast-This is an Insanely Effective Interval Workout

For those of us who are serious about looking to lose weight quick and lose fat, we probably already know about how powerful interval training can be. As it turns out, high intensity interval training can be done in a variety of different ways and it does NOT have to be done on cardio machines like stationary bicycles
or treadmills.

Ready to learn how? Check out this tip from Tom Venuto the Fat Loss Coach! Click here:


If you like what you read, visit Tom's "Feed the Muscle, Burn the Fat" site plus sign up for his free fat and weight loss reports by clicking here


To Your Success,
Monique Hawkins
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Vitamin D is Key to Good Health

Vitamin D has been receiving much attention lately, as it has been shown to reduce the risk of many cancers, help to prevent cardiovascular disease, lower the prevalence of diabetes and activate the body's immune system. Vitamin D has been the subject of extensive research over the last decade.  Vitamin D is deficient in nearly 60% of the population, as people avoid the sun and are not able to consume sufficient amounts.  Vitamin D has been the subject of extensive research over the last decade, and we now have a clear picture of how it functions, the many health-promoting effects it has been shown to promote and how much is needed for disease prevention.

Vitamin D Activates Our Immune System
Recent research demonstrates how Vitamin D activates the T Cells of our innate immune system.  When an invader bacteria or virus enters our body, the immune system must be able to detect the intruder and then mount an effective attack against the pathogen.  Vitamin D is the component which must be available in sufficient amounts in the bloodstream for this activation process to initiate.  The T Cells have Vitamin D receptors which must come in contact with Vitamin D to properly mount the attack.  If sufficient Vitamin D is not available, the immune T Cells remain dormant, and the pathogen is able to infect the body.  Additionally, virtually every cell in our body has Vitamin D receptors which are actively waiting to be filled.  Studies have demonstrated that Vitamin D acts as the key to unlock the cellular instruction manual which controls how the DNA of the cell is to replicate.  When sufficient Vitamin D is not present, mutations can occur which lead to improper cellular proliferation and the beginning of health issues.

Vitamin D is Essential to Prevent Disease
Proper Vitamin D blood levels have been shown to reduce the prevalence of 17 different cancers by as much as 78%.  Vitamin D bolsters the immune system and guides proper cellular replication which are critical factors in the development and progression of cancer.  Vitamin D has also demonstrated significant improvements in blood lipid panels which help to prevent cardiovascular disease and heart attacks.  And cutting edge research indicates that the Sunshine Vitamin helps avert diabetes by promoting the way insulin ushers glucose from the blood to the cells, in effect modulating insulin resistance and reducing the devastating effects of this disease.  Autoimmune diseases also benefit from Vitamin D due to corrections in the immune response which have gone awry in this type of affliction.  Even the effects of the common cold and flu are drastically reduced, as our cellular Vitamin D receptors are no longer targets of these pathogens.

Vitamin D Supplementation is Required for Maximum Benefit
So how much Vitamin D is necessary to reap the benefits from this miracle pro-hormone?  Ancient RDA levels set over a half century ago were originally developed to prevent diseases such as rickets.  These levels are dangerously low for disease prevention from cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and proper immune T Cell response.  The only way to know if you are optimally protected is to measure the level of Vitamin D in the blood using an inexpensive test known as '25(OH)D'.  A wealth of medical studies indicate that most adults should have blood levels between 50 and 70 ng/ml.  This amount circulating in the blood ensures that all cells have been saturated, and innate immune response is at it's highest level.  Most adults will require 6,000 - 10,000 IU per day of Vitamin D (always take in an oil-based gel cap form for maximum absorption), and many factors such as body weight, age, sun exposure and diet can affect blood levels.  Begin supplementing at 6,000 IU, and have your blood level tested after 90 days.  Most people find that every 1,000 IU increases the blood response by 10 ng/ml, so adjust accordingly.  People fighting cancer and other serious disease may require even higher levels up to 90 ng/ml.

With the overwhelming body of research now compiled, health conscious individuals monitor their Vitamin D levels twice a year and make the necessary adjustments to ensure proper blood levels.  Evolution has selected Vitamin D to regulate many essential biologic functions in the human body.  It is our responsibility to use the evidence we have accumulated to ensure our optimal, vibrant health.

Omega-3 Fats Are Key to Good Health

Omega-3 fatty acids have become essential to our health, as they have been a part of our diet through the millennia of evolution. Our pre-evolved ancestors ate from many plant and animal food sources which provided abundant quantities of Omega-3 oils in the diet.  Omega-3 fatty acids have become essential to our health, as they have been a part of our diet through the millennia of evolution. Our pre-evolved ancestors ate from many plant and animal food sources which provided abundant quantities of Omega-3 oils in the diet. Over time these biologically significant fatty acids became incorporated into our cellular structure, and today provide an integral component in cell wall development and regeneration. Insufficient levels of Omega-3 fats have been implicated in a wide variety of diseases from cancer, cardiovascular disease and inflammatory conditions. Omega-3 supplementation has been demonstrated to be preventative and act as a treatment to a growing number of health conditions.

Omega-3 and Omega-6 Fats: The Controversy
There are two types of Omega-series fats which are essential to human health, and must be obtained through diet or supplementation. Omega-3 and Omega-6 fats are both required building blocks our bodies use to synthesize cellular structures. Omega-3 fats are the preferred building material for cell walls, especially in the brain. When sufficient Omega-3 is unavailable, especially during fetal development, the body is forced to use sub-standard fat components which don’t have the same chemical properties. Glucose and oxygen are unable to freely pass through the cell wall leading to potential pre-cancerous conditions. Our earliest ancestors consumed both Omega-3 and Omega-6 fats in a 1:1 ratio, due to the high consumption of fish and grass-fed animals and vegetarian sources. Today’s diet is extremely high in Omega-6 oils, and the health-destroying trans-fats which are prevalent in most of the fast, processed foods we eat. Statistics indicate that most people consume an Omega 6:3 ratio between20:1 and 50:1. This imbalance leads to a systemic inflammatory condition, and ultimately to heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and a host of conditions now known to be caused by inflammation. Over 90% of today’s Western diet consists of highly refined processed foods which have been stripped of any highly perishable Omega-3 fats. Omega-6 fats are used by food manufacturers because of their long shelf life and the fact that they are inexpensive to produce. Excessive Omega-6 fats in the diet are a leading, totally preventable cause of many health conditions today.

Omega-3 Fat DHA and Brain Cancer
Omega-3 fatty acids are composed of two chemical structures known as EPA and DHA. While both are critical to good health, the DHA component has been shown to be essential to brain function. The cellular structure of our brain is composed of nearly 60% Omega-3 fats, of which DHA is the most active form. Low DHA brain levels are linked to depression, suicide, and violence. Recent studies also show that DHA plays an important role in preventing brain cancer. It has been shown that this critical nutrient has the ability to target cancer cells in the brain, and cause the cell to undergo a natural cell death and prevent further development. Researchers were able to further determine that DHA by-products dealt the diseased cell a secondary punch which ensured the cell would not replicate. It is also believed that DHA may be a key to cancer prevention in other models of the disease as well.

How to Get Enough Omega-3 Fats
Most people are not able to consume sufficient Omega-3 fats in the diet. Our evolutionary ancestors received Omega-3 fats from fish and grass fed animals. Meats we consume today are the product of force grain feeding which yields a high level of Omega-6 fat. Many species of fish may contain dangerous levels of mercury and other pollutants making it an unacceptable source. That leaves vegetarian sources such as walnuts, flax seeds and chia. Unfortunately these foods contain a different type of Omega fat known as ALA, and not the critical EPA and DHA which is found in animal sources. The body does have a limited ability to convert ALA to EPA and DHA but the conversion is less than 5%, making these a poor choice of these essential fats. The best way to ensure you have sufficient levels of Omega-3 fats in the form required by the body is to supplement. Fish Oil tablets are readily available and inexpensive. It is important to check the label before you purchase for two important details. First, make certain that the fish oil has been distilled to remove any contaminants. This is an issue since most fish oils are made from large species fish which are most likely to have high mercury levels. Second, you must look to be certain that the quantities of EPA and DHA are listed separately on the label. Some lower quality oils do not break the two critical components down, and use filler oils which provide no health benefits. Most people will need to supplement with a combined EPA/DHA of 1 to 5 grams each day. Individuals with no known health conditions will begin in the lower range, while those with known heart disease or cancer will supplement above 3 grams per day. Recently a blood test for EPA/DHA levels has become widely available which measures the percent of Omega-3 fat concentrations in the red blood cells. Studies indicate that levels below 4 % indicate a high risk of heart disease, while levels above 10% reflect a 50% reduction in sudden death from a cardiac event. This makes the Omega-3 test a requirement for those at risk or with known cardiovascular disease.

Omega-3 supplementation is a necessary component for the vitality of our brain and cellular structure. It can be added to the growing list of nutrients which are known to prevent and treat illness. Heart disease, cancer and inflammatory conditions have reached critical levels and do not appear to be subsiding. We can largely blame our poor dietary lifestyle. Omega-3 fish oil supplementation is one important way we can help reverse this disease trend and improve our health as we age.

Diabetes Prevention Tips

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder which threatens most organs in the body. Excessive blood sugar levels cause disruption and damage to the inner lining of the vessels, resulting in loss of eyesight, kidney failure and cardiovascular disease.  Type 2 diabetes is a disease caused by poor diet and lifestyle.  Many people are unaware that diabetes does not necessarily need to lead to a life of declining health, and can be effectively prevented when lifestyle modifications are followed at an early age, and treated through an ultra low carbohydrate diet.

Check Post Meal Blood Sugar
Blood sugar levels after eating, know as postprandial, are the most indicative of the metabolic disorder which leads to diabetes.  Many medical professionals rely on fasting blood sugar readings to diagnose the disease, but after meal testing is the most effective method to test for diabetes.  This is because the surge in blood sugar after a meal is the most damaging to the body.  Aim to keep 1 hour readings below 140 mg/dl and 2 hour levels below 120 mg/dl.  Higher readings mean cellular damage and health decline as we age.

It will be necessary to cut most wheat, corn and oat based foods from the diet, as these are rapidly converted to glucose and immediately raise blood sugar to unacceptable levels.  Elimination of all fast, processed and convenience foods and sweets is essential.  The best diet includes raw vegetables, nuts, seeds, lean proteins and healthy fats.  Avoid fruit, as the sugars in many varieties will cause sugar levels to skyrocket.

Key Supplements Provide Help
Natural supplements have a modest effect on helping most people to keep blood sugar levels in the normal range. Cinnamon and vinegar when consumed along with a healthy meal have been shown to help regulate blood glucose.  Additionally Alpha lipoic acid, CoQ10 and the minerals chromium, zinc and magnesium are essential in assisting blood glucose to naturally enter the cells for energy.  Supplements will not reduce blood sugar to normal readings without strict dietary changes, and it is necessary to monitor using a blood glucose meter to track the effect of natural foods and nutraceuticals along with a low carbohydrate diet.

Diabetes can be controlled using a sensible approach to diet, including a high proportion of calories from raw vegetables, nuts, seeds and lean protein sources.  Prevention is the key to averting the many complications which are a part of the disease.  Simple dietary changes when young allow the cellular machinery to function optimally, and make more dramatic changes later in life unnecessary.  Once diagnosed, diabetes can still be treated through ultra low carbohydrate dietary modification which has been shown to slow and even reverse much of the damaging effects of this disease.

How To Live Longer

Our body is a very complex machine which is continually processing the foods we eat through chemical reactions we refer to as digestion and metabolism. Foods which are highly refined, processed and over cooked break down into sugars and proteins which wreak havoc in our cells.  The sugar and protein molecules combine in the blood and in our cells to create byproducts known as 'anti-glycation end products' or AGE's. Over the course of many years, AGE's directly contribute to many of the common diseases associated with aging such as heart disease, diabetes, dementia, cancer, renal failure, blindness, cataracts and even the brown 'age spots' frequently seen on the hands of older individuals. We have direct control over AGE development and accumulation in our bodies, and diet is key to controlling the AGEing mechanism.

AGE Leads To Disease
While a small amount of AGE accumulation is normal and unavoidable, we have direct control over the degree of glycation of the proteins in our blood and cells through proper diet.  In order for proteins to perform their specific function in our body, they must be formed or folded in a very precise pattern.  When the protein comes in contact with a sticky sugar molecule, the two clump together to create a new molecule which no longer is able to complete its metabolic task.  Further, this newly combined structure is now much larger in size, making it very difficult to navigate through the smallest capillary vessels, some the size of a red blood cell.  The AGE molecule will either cause a blockage of the vessel or cause damage as it scrapes through the narrow opening.  This is a primary cause of eye and kidney damage in diabetics who typically have very high AGE levels in the blood, measured by an A1C blood test.  A1C is a measure of red blood cell AGE formation over the last 90 days.  Diabetics and those at risk should have their A1C measured twice a year to ensure a reading below 5, which has been shown to reduce complications from AGE damage.

Eat Natural and Raw To Prevent Disease
Diets which are high in refined carbohydrates, wheat, corn, grains, sugar and grilled, roasted or barbecued meats promote AGE accumulation in the body.  Over the years, AGE's begin to overwhelm our ability to eliminate these improperly formed structures, and the body looks for ways to store them in an attempt to prevent further damage.  Eventually we are unable to handle the continual glycation flood and disease is the end result.  Once an AGE is formed it is very difficult to reverse the process, so the best strategy is to prevent them from forming.  This is accomplished through diet.  A natural, predominately raw diet of vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes and lean proteins is effective in the reduction of AGE's as it stabilizes blood glucose and insulin, thus eliminating sugar which is necessary for the process to initiate.  Studies have shown that switching to this type of natural diet can slow the advancing AGE process, and result in lower risk of heart disease and diabetes.

AGEing Can Be Prevented
Many of the outward signs of advancing age are directly attributed to the glycation of our cells.  Wrinkles, age spots and even graying hair are all the consequence of the cross-linking between proteins and glucose in the body.  Once these bonds are formed, they are virtually impossible to break, so it is best to prevent the advancement of AGE formation.  While diet is the front line defense, there are some nutriceuticals which have shown promise in keeping the glycation reaction in check.  Carnosine is an amino acid which has shown promise in inhibiting the protein-sugar cross-link.  Additionally, a form of B1 vitamin known as Benfotiamine, and a B6 derivative called Pyridoxal-5-Phosphate (P5P) are known to have anti-glycation effects. Alpha Lipoic Acid and Resveratrol are powerful anti-oxidants and are effective in reducing the AGE process.

Many people consider aging to be a natural and inevitable process.  Current research is illuminating our knowledge of anti-glycation end products, and the role they play in the development of many devastating diseases.  Diabetes, atherosclerosis, cancer, dementia and outward aging occur as a direct result of AGE accumulation and the poor diet which is consumed by most people during their lifetime.  Research has demonstrated that we can halt the damaging effects of glycation by adopting a diet of whole, natural and raw foods which keep blood sugar in check.  Specific supplements can help prevent many of the devastating effects of AGEing by inhibiting cellular cross-links.  Further, losing weight and moderate amounts of exercise also contribute to risk reduction by improving blood glucose and insulin resistance.  A dedicated program which combines significant lifestyle changes and appropriate supplementation will result in a positive, healthy attitude and an extended life span.

How To Eat A Paleo Diet To Improve Health

Most people understand that eating quick convenience foods on a regular basis is unhealthy. The Standard American Diet (SAD) consists of a massive number of calories consumed from refined and processed wheat, corn and oat based food groups. Our genetic structure has been programmed over tens of thousands of years.  Most people understand that eating quick convenience foods on a regular basis is unhealthy.  The Standard American Diet (SAD) consists of a massive number of calories consumed from refined and processed wheat, corn and oat based food groups.  Our genetic structure has been programmed over tens of thousands of years to function optimally on a very different food pyramid than we have been lead to believe is in the best interest of our health.  This ancestral eating style is known as the 'Paleo Diet', and is characterized by foods eaten in their natural form, unprocessed by a food conglomerate or consisting of foods which were not readily available as our genes were being coded by natural selection.

Convenience Foods Lead to Disease
Our earliest ancestors lived a much different lifestyle than we do today.  Food was scarce, and much time and energy was spent in the pursuit of the next meal.  Food when found consisted of nuts, berries, seeds, root vegetable and on rare occasions a raw meat feast.  The hunter-gatherer went to sleep many days with an empty stomach, and certainly the consumption of meat was no more than several times a month.  This type of early diet is far from today's refined, sweet-laden feast which many people eat three or more times a day.  Further, many of the foods which are the core of our diet today did not even exist 10,000 years ago.  Wheat and corn consumption are creations of modern agriculture, and while these foods have fed countless humans over the recent centuries, they are seen as microbial invaders when eaten and broken down by our digestive system.

Eating the Way Nature Intended
The Paleo Diet works in concert with our genes, as the nutrients it delivers are required for proper health.  We understand many of the vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients which are required for cellular health, and there are many other as yet undiscovered nutrients which co-exist in the matrix of natural foods which fuel our bodies.  When we eat a diet which consists predominately of refined foods, these nutrients are stripped away and only the high calorie content remains.  This is not good for our health, and paves the way for many of the diseases we associate with old age such as cancer, heart disease and dementia. To make matters worse, most meat bought in a store today is the product of force feeding with grains.  This refined diet which the animal eats reduces the natural Omega-3 fat which naturally occurs in free grazing cattle, in favor of inflammation producing Omega-6 fats.  When the ratio of Omega-6 to Omega-3 fats increase above 2:1, metabolic changes occur in the body which lead to systemic inflammation and disease.

The New Paleo Food Pyramid
The Paleo Pyramid represents a very different view from the food pyramid we are used to seeing from the USDA.  Paleo eating encourages all natural and organic vegetables, minimal fruits, nuts, seeds and free-range meats.  It is necessary to eliminate all refined carbohydrates, sweets, breads, pastas and dairy.  While this is a major alteration in the eating habits of most people, the results can be astounding.  Natural weight loss is a significant benefit, as a large portion of the nutrient poor processed foods eaten cause slow weight gain over the years for many aging adults.  Removal of wheat and corn based food items will result in rapid health improvement.  Research indicates that in as little as 30 days, triglycerides, blood pressure, blood sugar and inflammation levels plummet.  Most important is the conversion of LDL cholesterol particles from small and dense to a large, fluffy pattern which is consistent with reduction in heart attack risk.

Genetics is the controlling factor which guides our metabolism and proper utilization of the nutrients we consume.  Hard wired into our genes is a requirement for certain types of foods.  Variability in our individual evolutionary and ethnic origin determine the specific diet we each must follow to achieve optimal health.  This has led to the study of 'food typing' in which certain individuals perform better on a diet higher in protein, while others require a more unprocessed carbohydrate type of diet.  Regardless of your food type, following a culinary diet which is closest to that of your evolutionary ancestors will result in a healthy and disease free extended life.

Healthy Tips To Extend Your Life

Many people mistakenly believe that the process of aging is normal and inevitable. Forward thinking researchers now believe the process of aging is a disease process which can be thwarted through dietary calorie restriction.  While genetics does play a role in the aging process, we can modify the effects through lifestyle modification and ensure our senior years are healthy, vibrant and disease free.

Processed Foods Lead to Disease
Cutting edge scientists are beginning to believe that the human body has a normal life span of nearly 120 years.  Presently life expectancy is around 80 years, with many living their latter years in declining health.  By adopting a diet consisting in large part of processed and refined foods and avoiding exercise, we are actually taking years away from our biological potential.  Eating foods which have been stripped of nutrition for years and decades causes our cellular metabolism to decline.  The body can amazingly compensate for a period of time, but eventually it will take its toll.  Further, we live in an environment which continually subjects us to increasing pollutants, electro-magnetic radiation and a host of synthesized chemicals which we absorb from cleaning and beauty products.  We rely on pharmaceuticals to keep us healthy, but in most cases these drugs only add to the assault placed on our body.

Calorie Restriction Proven to Extend Life
Research which began back in the 1930's has demonstrated that a dietary lifestyle known as caloric restriction can extend healthy lifespan in mammals, and indications are that it does the same in humans.  By reducing the amount of calories consumed by 25% we cause the body to revert to a 'starvation survival' mode, where our evolutionary ancestors would have been able to survive a famine when food was scarce.  We don't have that problem today, but our genetics are still wired to react to calorie reduction by setting in place a very complex chain of molecular reactions which put the brakes on heart disease, cancer proliferation, dementia, and many of the diseases we associate with aging.  A simple 25% reduction in calories and the associated weight loss over a period of two years has been shown to directly lead to a reduction in arterial plaque and heart disease risk.

Monitor Blood Sugar to Avoid Diabetes
We typically don't think about what happens at the cellular level and in our blood every time we eat a meal.  The body is a very efficient machine, breaking down every food item into the vitamins, minerals, proteins and fats which are made available for energy and metabolism.  The Standard American Diet (SAD) of highly refined carbohydrates and trans fats floods the blood with these breakdown products, overwhelming our capacity to mop up the excess glucose and lipids which hit the blood.  This is known as post-prandial disorder, and when allowed to continue meal after meal directly leads to disease which will shorten our life.  High post meal blood sugar is one of the most damaging and controllable conditions.

By regularly using a simple and inexpensive blood glucose meter, we can monitor and regulate the blood glucose surges after meals.  Check your blood sugar readings one and two hours after eating, and ensure that the readings are not over 140 mg/dl and 120 mg/dl respectively.  Extensive data indicates that extended blood glucose readings over 140 mg/dl lead to death of the pancreatic beta cells which produce insulin, and once gone they do not regenerate.  Eventually this leads to diabetes and dramatically increased risk of heart disease and many cancers.

Elevated Blood Pressure Doubles Risk of Heart Attack
Blood pressure has been called the 'silent killer' for a very good reason.  Elevated readings as small as 20 (mm Hg) over the optimal reading of 115/75 are associated with a doubled risk of heart attack.  Many people of all ages are walking around with elevated blood pressure which act as a ticking bomb waiting to explode in their arteries.  Higher pressure in the arteries causes small cracks of the inner lining of the vessels which the body expediently fills with a foamy substance called plaque.  This creates an increased burden for the heart and results in higher blood pressure.  Interestingly, a recent study found that lowering blood pressure by commonly prescribed pharmaceuticals did not equate to lowered risk of future disease.  Following a natural, non-refined diet with adequate exercise and stress reduction works far better than any drug at reducing and virtually eliminating heart disease risk.

It is possible to avoid many of the common ailments which claim the lives of so many Americans and extend your natural life cycle by following several critical modification tips.  Calorie Restriction, Blood Glucose and Blood Pressure Monitoring are key lifestyle tenants which when started early enough, have been proven to maximize the limits of your healthy later years.  While we don't know exactly how long the average human life can be extended by using these techniques, we do know that living a disease free existence is a significant benefit.