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Get Skinny Quick-An Apple A Day Does More Than Keep The Doctor Away

We have all heard the saying that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Did you also know apples can help you get skinny quick because they help you consume fewer calories? It true and here is why!

An Apple a Day Keeps ... Elastic Waistbands Away?
Turns out an apple a day can do more than keep the doctor away. A Penn State University at State College study showed people who consumed an apple prior to a meal consumed 15% fewer calories than those who did not.

As much as this could be attributed to the fruit's filling fiber content, it may be in the mind, too -- it takes a long time to chew a whole apple (including skin), so the apple eaters probably felt like they had consumed quite a bit more food than those who didn't munch the fruit, which helped them know when to say when.

Apples are not only fat-free and a calorie bargain (around 80 calories for a medium-sized one), they're a great source of dietary fiber, which can help you feel fuller longer to prevent overeating. These days there are so many choices it's downright confusing! These tips will help you make the right pick when you're shopping for apples.


Braeburn apple

Braeburn apples originated from New Zealand. Their main color ranges from orange to red over a yellow background. They are highly flavorful, sweet and a little tart. Available October through July. Good for most uses, especially for snacking and salads.


Fuji appleFruitsandveggiesmatter.gov
Fuji apples are bi-colored, usually striped with yellow and red, and are sweet, juicy and firm. They're available year round. Great for all uses, particularly snacking. My personal favorite!

Tip: Always choose firm apples with no soft spots.

Golden Delicious

golden delicious appleFDA.gov
Golden Delicious apples are pale yellow-green. Available year round, they are crisp and sweet with a mild flavor. Good for most any purpose. They're helpful for cutting calories in pie-baking -- they're so sweet that you can use less sugar!

Granny Smith

Granny Smith AppleFruitsandveggiesmatter.gov
Known for their green color, Granny Smith apples are very tart and are good for virtually all purposes, particularly in applesauce. They sometimes bear a red blush and are available year round.

Tip: To prevent apples from absorbing odors, store apart from foods with strong smells.


Jonathan AppleU.S. Apple Assoc.
Originating from Woodstock, N.Y., the Jonathan apple is crimson with touches of green. Typically available from September through April. They have a spicy tang that makes them good for pies, sauces and cider.

Tip: Dip apple slices into three parts water to one part lemon juice to impede browning.


Jonagold AppleU.S. Apple Assoc.
As the name implies, Jonagold is a cross between a Jonathan and Golden Delicious. This variety features a unique honey-tart flavor and has a crispy, red-orange skin. Usually available October through July. Great for cooking and snacking.

Tip: Store apples in the fridge to slow ripening and retain flavor.

Red Delicious

red delicious appleFDA.gov
Red Delicious are deep red (almost magenta) and are sweet and juicy. They're available year round. Excellent for snacks and slicing in salads, but not so great for cooking or baking.

Tip: Always wash apples with soap and water; rinse well.

Rome Beauty

Rome BeautyFruitsandveggiesmatter.gov
Rome Beauties are bright red and smooth. They're available September through July. Sweet and juicy, yet mildly tart, the Rome Beauty is a great snack. Baking or sautéeing them helps to greatly intensify the flavor.

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what about lose weight pills

There is no safe lose weight pills . Even lose weight pills, which has been long in the market can cause some health problems . Even grain that is used by the sports of bodybuilding can not be good for your health . The truth is that you do not need lose weight pills.However, we should have knowledge of a different way to eat healthy.Or to be more work in order to achieve beneficial results for

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protein with weight loss and diet

A high protein diet can help weight loss although for causes non antecedently anticipated by some dieters. It is considered that a advanced protein diet, little in carbohydrates helps burning more than calories when the body changed protein to glucose, action known as gluconeogenesis. In fact, there is evidence that the amount of energy used in this process is not important protein

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Get Skinny Quick-Five Healthy Foods that Aren't!

For those of us who want to get skinny quick, the last thing we want to do is to eat foods that are supposed to be healthy and great weight loss aids, but turn out to be not so good!

Curious as to what 5 seemingly healthy foods aren't really at all? If so, read on!

Five Healthy Foods that Aren't by Jennifer R. Scott, About.com

Updated: January 08, 2009

As you make eating choices during your day, some mistakes are easy to avoid -- that fried chicken you were eyeing at lunch didn‘t make its way to your plate, and that candy bar your cubicle-mate offered to split with you wasn't the least bit tempting. But what about those sneaky foods that sound healthy but aren’t? Have you been tripped up by these five not-so-smart choices disguised as health foods?

  1. Bran muffins.

    A bakery bran muffin can pack in around 500 calories and as many as 25 grams of fat! Fat-free muffins aren’t necessarily a better choice, either, because they contain more sugar, which only ups the calorie-count. If you are aiming for a fiber fix, you might be getting fooled there, too. Many commercially-produced bran muffins don’t actually have that much bran in them, which means the fiber count is lower than you think; try to find a variety that offers about five grams of fiber per serving. A better choice? A serving of bran flake cereal such as Kellogg’s All-Bran provides those five grams of fiber and then some, and even with one cup of fat-free milk and some sliced strawberries, has only 200 calories.
  2. Tuna salad.

    Tuna itself is a smart choice for anyone, whether you’re managing your weight or you want to get more omega-3 fatty acids in your diet. It’s a great protein source which will help you feel fuller longer than many other foods. But mix in all the other yummy stuff that goes in tuna salad, and tuna becomes a diet disaster. At my favorite deli, the tuna salad sandwich packs in a whopping 620 calories and almost 40 grams of fat. That’s more fat than three McDonald’s hamburgers. Swap tuna for turkey (hold that mayo!) and you’ll be much better off.
  3. Energy bars.

    Unless you’re super-active or an athlete, energy bars aren’t a smart choice when you’re watching your waistline. Although fortified with nutrients, weight-wise, they’re not much better than a candy bar -- a typical protein bar has about 200 to 300 calories. Instead of viewing these bars as a health food, they should be considered a treat and you should take into account their caloric content as you would any other food that you fit into your calorie budget. If you are accustomed to having a bar in the afternoon for an energy boost, consider having just half and wrapping the other portion up for tomorrow.
  4. Frozen entrees.

    Frozen entrees have definite good points, such as automatic portion control and being a quick, convenient alternative to fast food. If you shop carefully, you can find a variety of healthful, low-fat varieties on the market today, but there is a “hidden” minus to some frozen entrees: sodium. Many frozen meals have as many as 400 to 500 milligrams of sodium. Eat a few of these meals in one day, and that’s near the recommended sodium limit for the entire day! Excess sodium can lead to high blood pressure, something you’re already at risk for if you are overweight. Avoid any frozen meals that contain more than 600 milligrams of sodium in a serving; healthier choices will have 480 milligrams or fewer.
  5. Granola.

    Although granola often has the words “all natural” in front of it, that doesn’t make it a good choice for dieters. While the individual components of granola are in fact healthful -- oats, raisins, almonds -- the pieces are held together with oil which markedly increases the fat and calorie count. Some varieties have as many as 200 to 400 calories in a single serving, such as my former favorite, which packs in 220 calories a half cup! Try to find a low-fat version, but keep an eye on calories, too. A better way to work in more whole grains -- choose a bowl of oatmeal instead and you’ll save yourself hundreds of calories and slash your fat intake. (My favorite variety is Quaker Weight Control oatmeal in banana bread flavor!)
To search for the nutritional information on these and many other foods, visit Calorie Count Plus.

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healthy body fat percentage

Anyone who knows any information about dieting knows that the criterion for determining the weight is the value of food obtained from food. And is one of the important factors that determine the proportion of fat in the body you have . Question here is what makes the proportion of fat in the body ideal. I think that exercise may help to reduce fat in the body. healthy body fat percentageMost

Get Skinny Quick-The Top 5 Diet Myths Revealed

When we look to lose weight and desire to get skinny quick, sometimes our heads may spin because there is so much information out there about this, some of which seems conflicting.

In today's post, you will discover some surprising diet tips that people give which are not really true!

You decide it's time you started to lose some weight. No more procrastinating. You are ready to do something about those extra pounds. Unfortunately, deciding what to do and how to do it may turn out to be a confusing task. You hear all these tips and tricks to lose weight but which is fact and which is myth?

Let's debunk some of those diet myths.

MYTH 1: If you're going to eat out, order a salad because it's the healthiest choice.

Sad to say, ordering a salad may not always help in your weight loss effort. It is not uncommon to be served a salad that comes with extras such as croutons, mayonnaise, cheese, ham, eggs, chicken and bacon. Don't forget the various salad dressings that lovingly drench the vegetables. Your so-called healthy salad could end up with more calories than Burger King's Bacon Cheeseburger. The salad "extras" are the culprits that raise a salad's calorie, fat and salt content by a substantial amount.

If you want a low calorie salad, pile up on the leafy greens, have a variety of vegetables, choose lean proteins such as grilled chicken, shrimp, eggs, salmon, tuna, black beans, and chickpeas. No fried or crispy stuff. Don't forget to tell the waiter you want the dressing on the side.

MYTH 2: Switching from non-organic to organic foods help you lose weight.

Oh yes, organic food is definitely healthier because it's free from harmful chemicals such as hormones, preservatives and pesticides. Consuming them makes you feel healthier and scientific evidence seems to say it is more nutritious. However, if you are talking about weight loss, organic foods don't contain lower calories than non-organic foods. There isn't less carbs or fat grams. So when it comes to weight loss, eating organic foods may not be your solution.

MYTH 3: Look for "low-fat," "non-fat," or "fat-free" foods to reduce your calories.

If you are concerned about gaining weight, you naturally look for "low-fat," "non-fat," or "fat-free" products when out shopping. Unfortunately, products with these labels do not mean they are "low-calorie" or "calorie free." You might be shocked to learn that they may contain even more, if not the same amount of calories as the normal products due to added sugar, flour or starch thickeners to enhance it's texture and taste. Therefore, with these type of products, you may not be getting the calories from the fat content but from the other contents. So be careful when you shop and check the food labels to determine the amount of calories per serving.

MYTH 4: Really cut down on your eating to drastically reduce your calories.

Eat less, go on a diet -- isn't that the first natural thing we do when we want to lose weight? But be careful that you do not go below 1200 calories per day. You'll end up losing muscle mass which in turn leads to lower metabolism. Also, you may develop other health hazards such as gallstones and digestive problems.

American Psychologist published a report that examined 31 studies of long-term diets which averaged 1200 calories per day. They discovered that most of the subjects put on weight again after 4-5 years. University of Minnesota's associate professor of psychology, Tracy Mann, was the lead author of the report and this is what she had to say, "Psychologically, it's difficult for people to adhere to strict diets over a long period because they feel deprived and hungry."

The right thing to do is to determine the right amount of calories you need. Make it a modest number so you don't find it too difficult and quit half way. This number will depend on you activity level and your weight. Consult a nutritionist to help you plan your diet. Don't just cut down on food but also change your eating habits. Make healthier choices by reducing refined foods and choosing whole foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean meats, poultry, fish, beans and eggs. They have fewer calories but are very rich in nutrition.

MYTH 5: You have to quit snacking.

Actually, snacking is not forbidden when you need to lose weight. If you have an active lifestyle, snacking between meals may be a good idea. Of course, the kind of snacks you eat is important. If you're wondering about potato chips, cookies or cakes for snacks, then of course you have to quit those. Examples of good snacks are fruits, yogurt, tuna and crackers, rice cakes, vegetables, boiled peanuts, granola bars and jelly. These in between snacks help to prevent overeating during meals, maintains your energy levels and keeps your metabolism going strong. Remember, what really matters is the total calories you consumed for the day and not how you did it.

There are many theories out there on how to lose weight. Do a little homework and find out first if what you heard or read is true or not. Remember, you don't just want to lose weight temporarily. Find a way to keep your weight off permanently and stay healthy at the same time.

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Exercise and fitness and diet

If your goal is weight loss, there are some factors to be You take them into account . exercise fitness diet Are the three best ways to lose weight . And also help you to live in a healthy and beautiful . If you want to lose some weight, I will explain here some tips on how to follow a diet and exercise in order to be able to lose weight in a healthy . If your goal is to build muscle and lose

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Get Skinny Quick-How to Find Weight LossTips That Truly Work

Getting skinny quick can seem like a huge chore sometimes, especially if you are looking to find the right diet plan or program that will fit your lifestyle.

The internet is full of information on how to get skinny quick, but it can be overwhelming. The article I will be sharing with you gives tips on where to go on the internet to find the best information that will help you achieve your weight loss goals.

I hope you find it helpful!

To Your Success,

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Get Skinny and Thin Quick - Finding the Tips That Truly Work
By Adam Woodham

If you want to get skinny and thin quick, there is no better place to start than online. The frustrating part is that there are millions of pages out thee that tell you how to do it. How do you know which websites are perfect for you and which ones are complete garbage? That's the issue most people face and I have a simple solution for you. It will help you pin point the exact things people are doing to get skinny and thin quick.

There is no rocket science involved when looking for information online. You simply pull up a search engine and go to work, right? Well, this is the absolute worst way to find information on getting skinny and thin quick. You will no doubt run into a slew of websites with tons of information on the subject, but you have no way of knowing which ones really work. The alternative is to seek out the actual "people" that have found the ways to get skinny and truly got thin quick.

The way to do this is to spend a bit of time inside of internet forums. You can find tons and tons of topics on losing weight and you better believe that there are people in there that have found out how to get skinny and thin quick. This is where you jump in and read about how they did it.

It's an easy way to make an informed decision about which way to go when trying to lose weight. For every one person trying to get skinny (which I assume is you) there are ten who have been able to get thin quick. A lot of these people and their stories can be found in forums.

It's a simple way to get skinny and thin quick without having to weed through so many pages of cluttered information.

Want to see the insanely simple tips to get skinny and thin quick, along with the ultimate weight loss technique that continues to show amazing results? Here you go...

Adam Woodham is the author of this article and always uses his domain http://www.realdietfacts.com to show people exactly how easy it can be to drop the weight you want...right now.

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fast loss weight

With today’s corporate marketing firms, specialized nutrition companies are really selling the powerful weight loss elements that their newest product contains. But what is true and what is false? And does there really exist a magical weight loss pill. The answer may surprise you.For the past 10 years or so, I’ve taken all sorts of diet pills and “systems” to help with my own weight loss. What I’

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Get Skinny Quick-Cook Yourself Thin

Part of getting skinny quick and achieving your weight loss goals is learning to develop healthy eating habits.

This video will show you a how to make a quick smoothie that tastes great, is low calorie, and also boosts your energy level. All of these things are of great value when looking to lose weight.

Enjoy the video!

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diet loss patch weight

Most people tend to health, youth and beauty . And many people tend to be stable and healthy life some of those who are overweight . Always trying to lose weight, and hundreds of these around the world become a disease or even death due to consumption fraudulent diet products .Of the most recent products on the market are diet loss patch weight and many people do not know if these products are

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Get Skinny Quick-How to Find the Best Diet Plan for You

We have been going over how to find the best diet that will work for you and your get skinny quick weight loss goals. There is a lot of information out there, some of which seems to conflict.

Hopefully, after reading this article, you will have a better understanding about how to lose weight quickly and safely.

10 Tips for Finding the Best Diet That Works for You

By Kathleen M. Zelman, MPH, RD, LD
WebMD Weight Loss Clinic-Feature

With so many weight loss diets to choose from, how do you decide?

5. How Quickly Will I Lose Weight?

One pound of fat equals 3,500 calories, so you need to burn off lots of calories to reduce fat. Rapid weight loss is usually more fluid loss than fat loss.

"The higher weight losses that occur at the beginning of most diets are at least partially water," says May. "Weight loss can be particularly dramatic on very low-carb diets because your body gives up water when it's forced to utilize other fuel sources."

While you may want to lose weight quickly, the experts agree that slow and steady wins the race. Safe and effective weight loss averages 1-2 pounds per week, and the best way to achieve it is by burning about 500 calories per day through diet and exercise.

6. Does It Tackle My Bad Habits?

The best weight loss plan is one that doesn't make you feel like you are on a diet. Going on a "diet" can create an obsession with food, heighten cravings, and lead to a frustrated "throw in the towel because diets don't work" mentality.

Look for a plan that helps you recognize habits that can keep you from reaching a healthy weight.

"Is it sitting in front of the television munching mindlessly, drinking too many glasses of wine, eating while cooking, or maybe you finish your child's meal?" asks Rodriguez. "If so, look for a plan that will give you tips and ideas on how to break these habits."

"Whatever plan you choose, think progress, not perfection -- and aim to slowly improve your eating behaviors," adds Blatner. "You don't have to chuck all of your old ways and recipes -- incorporate the new plan into your lifestyle slowly and realistically."

7. Can I Still Have My Favorite Foods?

Some plans have long lists of "forbidden" foods and little room for indulgences. For some people, being denied certain foods can trigger cravings and binges. But others actually do better if they eliminate the "trigger" foods that touch off eating binges.

If you can't bear to live without a glass of wine with dinner, or an occasional dessert, you'll need to find a plan that allows small portions of these favorites. But if you're the type who can't stop with one glass or a bite or two of dessert, the stricter plans may be exactly what you need.

Most people can achieve success with sensible splurging, says Blatner. "If a plan restricts comfort or junk foods, it might very well lead to a belly-busting binge," she says. "Make sure the plan has healthy substitutes for crunchy chips cravings as well as choices to satisfy a sugary sweet tooth."

8. Does It Call for Small, Gradual Changes?

Some programs require significant changes and others promote a "baby step concept" -- smaller, more gradual changes. Change is difficult and the more you have to change, the harder it will be. Look for a plan that slowly changes your eating and exercise habits unless you're ready for a real challenge.

"A sensible plan encourages you to evaluate your eating habits and work on a few unhealthy habits, and once you accomplish these changes, pick a few more that you can live with," says Rodriguez.

9. Does It Call for Supplements, Cleanses, or Detox Formulas?

Healthy weight loss plans don't need to be supplemented beyond a daily multivitamin-mineral supplement for nutritional "insurance."

"There is no reason why all or most of the nutrients needed for good health cannot be obtained through food on the diet plan," says Gidus. She is leery of any diet plans that require the extra expense of cleanses, special drinks, pills, or portions -- especially if the author is profiting from their sale.

10. Do I Want a Structured Plan or One That Is More Flexible?

Some people prefer a diet plan that calls for specific foods and portion sizes to help them stay on track. Others like the flexibility of making their own food choices. As long as the diet plan includes a variety of healthy food -- fruits, vegetables, beans, whole grains, low-fat dairy, and lean protein -- either type can work.

Just make sure the diet plan allows you enough food and calories that hunger won't undermine your efforts to lose weight.

"When calories get below 1,200 for women or 1,500 for men, it can make you light-headed, irritable, and quite miserable because your body needs these minimum amounts to function well," says Gidus.

Do-It-Yourself Plans

The truth is that while they can be helpful to some people, you don't really need a diet book or program to be successful at weight loss. You can do it on your own -- but you may want to consult a registered dietitian to help you come up with a plan customized to your needs.

"Go see a registered dietitian with a three-day diary of what you typically eat, and she can create an individualized plan that meets your lifestyle and nutritional needs," says Gidus.

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fat pills

Obesity is a problem that exists all over the world and suffer from a lot of people .30% of adults in America suffer from obesity and the biggest problem is caused by obesity are associated with diseases such as heart problems and other . High blood pressure, diabetes and heart problems and some cancers and are therefore one of the biggest problems facing American society, in particular,There are

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fat burn diet

fat burn diet or alternative calorie diet Allow individuals to experience quick weight loss without any side effects And be completely free of the components of carbohydrate . For example, Headache and looking faint are not normally experienced in this type of diet, While the focus is on other dietary carbohydrates. Aware of how to burn fat from the diet works, It is easy to see why Pat so

Minggu, 04 Oktober 2009

Get Skinny Quick-More Tips to FInd the Best Diet for You

In the last post, we were learning about how to find the right diet so that you can get skinny quick, well quick!

There is a lot of conflicting information out there. I hope that this and the precious post will help you be make the best decision so you can achieve your weight loss goals.

Let's discover more about dieting and dieting plans.

10 Tips for Finding the Best Diet That Works for You

With so many weight loss diets to choose from, how do you decide?
By Kathleen M. Zelman, MPH, RD, LD
WebMD Weight Loss Clinic-Feature

With so many weight loss diets to choose from, how do you decide?

The Perfect Weight Loss Diet for You

Once you know how to determine whether a weight loss diet is healthy, you'll need to narrow your choice down to one that suits your own lifestyle.

"Evaluate the tenets of the plan to be sure it matches the way you like to eat and exercise," says Gidus, a spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association.

It's also important to choose a diet plan that won't leave you feeling hungry. Look for plans that promote foods that are high in water and are fiber-rich, like soups, fruits, and vegetables. These foods fill you up and reduce food cravings to help you stick to your diet plan without feeling deprived.

"The dynamic duo of fiber and water have the ability to fill you up on fewer calories, and when combined with lean protein such as chicken, beans, and fish, can keep cravings at bay and leave you feeling energized for hours," says weight management consultant Dawn Jackson Blatner, MS, RD.

Here's a checklist to help you find the perfect diet for you:

1. Does It Match My Eating Style?

If the plan encourages six meals daily and you struggle to eat two, chances are you won't last on the diet, no matter how healthy it is. Look for a diet that matches the way you like to eat, and ask yourself:

  • Can this diet accommodate my travel or dining-out patterns?
  • Does it have a family-friendly approach that everyone in the household can follow?
  • Does it require special preparation and cooking?
  • Can I stick to the timing and/or recommended number of meals/snacks?

2. Does It Match My Exercise Level?

Some plans encourage lots of exercise; others simply get you moving. If you're a sedentary person, plans that include hours at the gym might sound good -- but, in reality, won't last long. Select a program that has an exercise component you can do on a regular basis, and advance slowly. Find a plan that encourages physical activity that you enjoy and is doable, whether that's dancing, gardening, walking, or just cleaning the house.

"Exercise does not have to be structured [or] require special equipment or memberships," says Rodriguez. "It simply needs to be anything that increases whole-body movement."

3. Can I Live With It Forever?

"When considering any diet, ask yourself, 'Is this something I'd be willing to do every day for the rest of my life?' If not, don't bother, because as soon as you go back to what you were doing before, the weight will come back," says May.

4. Does It Include Foods I Like, Can Prepare, and Can Afford?

Are there foods or beverages you're asked to eat in combination or in quantities that are unrealistic for the long term? "Some plans require meal replacement drinks that may work for some people on the run, and others may prefer to eat food instead of drinking," says Gidus.

Plans that require unusual foods or hours in the kitchen may work for someone who has lots of time and money, but may not for you. Blatner suggests doing the 'two T' test: Make sure the recipes look tasty, and are time-saving.

There is much more to this article. I will share more with you in the next issue!

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weight lose pills

Are you careful with your weight?. You do not need to worry too much because you are not alone in confronting these troubles. Thousands around the world are trying to lose weight. weight lose pills It is true that our metabolic rank does not equivalence with food urges that we like. Because there are some ways to get rid of this dilemma Should not be of anger thought that concerns day and night.