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Weight Loss Tips for Women Over 40-What Your Doctor May Not Be Telling You About Weight Loss

If you are like most women who are need to follow effective weight loss tips for women over 40, there are probably a couple of areas you are overlooking. I’m referring to not getting enough fruits and vegetable in your daily diet in order to have the best health and being careful to not be too sedentary.

Researchers tell us we need 13 servings a day of fruit and vegetables since they assist in lowering serious diseases like cancer and heart disease.  Sometimes, doctors do not share this information perhaps due to a simple lack of training, office visits being quite hurried, etc.  Here are the top issues some doctors may not discuss or be aware of:

1.       The connection between weight and waist size. Obesity, as everyone knows puts anyone at high risk for high blood pressure, diabetes, as well as host of other medical problems. Sometimes, some doctors may not be paying attention to what researchers are finding. For instance, in a recent study of over 12,835 obese or overweight patients, 58% said they never talked to their doctor about their weight.  This is quite sad because it has been found that when doctors and patients do discuss obesity, the patient many times will become committed to losing the fat and weight.

One of the best precautionary measures you can follow to monitor your weight and fat is to determine your own body mass index.  A BMI of 18.5-24.9 is ideal if you are 65 or younger and a BMI of 22-27 is ideal if you are 66 or older.

In addition, keep track of your waist size. If you have more than a 35 inch waist as a woman or 40 inch waist if you are a man, this means you have too much abdominal fat. This in turn increases the likelihood of your developing heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

2.       Limit television. Most doctors to recommend to their patient that they exercise if they are overweight, but few recommend decreased time spent watching TV. If you are someone who watches more than two hours of TV a day, you have a higher risk of developing things like obesity, metabolic syndrome, and cardiovascular disease. Ideally, you should not be watching more than 2 hours of TV a day.

It is interesting to note that also those who live a very sedentary lifestyle (e.g. lots of time at desk or computer) are at higher risk for developing these diseases as well. The bottom line is being as active as possible.
If you are seeking effective weight loss tips for women over 40, ideally one of the best things you can do is become educated. Learn the questions you need to ask. If you do this, you and your doctor can work closely together to help you achieve your weight and fat loss goals.

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