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Cinnamon and Tumeric Lower Triglycerides and Insulin Triggered by High Fat Diet

Many spices such as tumeric andcinnamon are powerful antioxidants that continue to gain acceptance as naturalnutrients able to assist human health and prevent chronic disease. Researchersfrom Penn State publishingin The Journal of Nutrition providestrong evidence that these potent spices provide a protective shield to reducethe body`s negative responses to eating high-fat meals.

A diet filled with high-fat foodsthat have been fried or baked with trans fats increases oxidized LDLcholesterol levels and dangerous blood fats known as triglycerides. Tumeric andcinnamon taken before a high fat meal combine to lower triglyceride response byas much as 30%, preventing a cascade of harmful metabolic events that lead toheart disease and diabetes.

Tumeric and Cinnamon Spices Lower Triglycerides and Insulin Levels
Culinary spices have peakedinterest among nutritional scientists in recent years as both turmericand cinnamon exhibit powerful antioxidant properties that may halt dangerousmetabolic imbalances prompted by poor dietary choices. To conduct the study,researchers added 14 grams of a combined turmeric-cinnamon spice blend to a1200 calorie high-fat meal, and compared the results to a control group notreceiving the spice mixture.

Blood samples were taken prior tothe meal and then again at 30 minute intervals for the next three and a halfhours after eating. Participants were tested again one week later, and the twogroups were switched to verify the accuracy of the results. Researchers foundthat blood levels of insulin were reduced by 21% and triglycerides dropped 31%in response to the turmeric-cinnamon mix.

Spices are Potent Antioxidants That Lower Metabolic Damage from PoorDiet
The study authors found that thespices significantly improved two critical metabolic markers that areassociated with increased risk of developing diabetes and cardiovasculardisorders. They commented“Adding spices to the meal significantlyincreased the ferric reducing antioxidant power, such that postprandialincreases following the spiced meal were 2-fold greater than after the controlmeal.” They also found that the two spices interact synergistically and theimpact was significantly greater when both spices were administeredconcurrently, compared to individual results.

Most health-conscious adults canbenefit from a wide array of natural spices added to and consumed with manypopular foods, regardless of specific dietary approach. Penn State authors concluded“The incorporation of spices into thediet may help normalize postprandial insulin and TG (triglyceride) and enhanceantioxidant defenses.”  Includeturmeric and cinnamon to your favorite meals, or take a high quality supplementwith meals to maximize your defense against metabolic dysfunction and heartdisease.

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